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Top Eight Instructions for Budget Travel in India

India is one of the most popular countries in the world for travelers looking for memorable experiences without spending too much. The affordability factor is a major draw but it can also be challenging and at some times frustrating also. You can find cheap flights to India from Canada with airfarebooking.ca to start your journey […]

Isolation not compulsory for foreign arrivals in India

Over the last two years, the concept of travel has changed. It is no more a luxury limited to a few. The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone pine for traveling. With international borders not opening up completely, and some parts of the world still battling with the virus, India has opened up possibilities for travelers […]

Top Indian cities to enjoy an astonishing nightlife

What is the first word that pops up into your mind when you hear the word India? Probably abundant wildlife, rich culture, and historical magnets, right? Well, that is what this stunning country is like during day time! But what do you think about the nightlife in India? Do not stress yourself, we will tell […]

Guide for Road Trips in India With Safe Travel Tips

A road trip is more than taking your vehicles out on impulse and braving the roads. You need to plan thoroughly about your destination, the weather of the roads, the best route to take, your traveling partners, whether the terrain allows for you to travel or not, and more. The summer is perfect to go […]

Road Trip Essentials – Ultimate Guide for Safe Trip In India

Roadtrips are not measured by mile markers, but by the moments you experience on the road. A road trip doesn’t only mean taking your car and hitting the road instantly. Before heading out there is a lot of groundwork and planning involved to make it a successful trip.  Now find affordable flight tickets to India […]

Guide for International Travels Between India and Canada

Are you traveling back to your home in India after a long time since the start of the pandemic or planning to pursue your education in Canada? Whether you are traveling between the two nations for academic purposes, business purposes, or other reasons your safety as well safety of others is the first priority. And […]

Top adventures to experience in Canada

Canada is a beautiful and massive country with unlimited adventures to experience. For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, Canada is like a dream country and is always on the top of their bucket list. This country is big on land and small in population, with stunning landscapes, never-ending wilderness to explore. You can find so […]

How do you find the Cheapest Canada to India Flights?

People waste a lot of time looking for the perfect deal. If you belong to this tribe, you will enjoy the below insights, especially on travel between Canada and India. When you follow Canada to the India aviation market trend, you realize two important segments. The first one is the students studying abroad and passengers […]

WestJet Airline Baggage Policy

WestJet is a leading Canadian air carrier, second only to the country’s flagship airline, Air Canada. Thousands of passengers fly on WestJet flights each day. Hence, the airlines’ well-defined baggage contributes to smooth functioning. Since travel and luggage go hand-in-hand, it is essential to be aware of airlines’ baggage policies. Although the International Air Transport […]

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