Isolation not compulsory for foreign arrivals in India

Over the last two years, the concept of travel has changed. It is no more a luxury limited to a few. The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone pine for traveling. With international borders not opening up completely, and some parts of the world still battling with the virus, India have opened up possibilities for travelers across genres. You can now find international flights from Canada to India at a very affordable price on airfarebooking.ca. The latest guidelines state that India will isolate/treat travelers on  foreign arrivals from any country who test positive for Covid-19 according to the laid down standard protocol and will not mandatorily manage them at an isolation facility.

New Guidelines: Issuance and Key Changes

India was just about to outbreak from the Covid-19 pandemic but omicron hit the travel industry once again. To prevent the spread of this variant, the Indian government issued new guidelines on 7 Jan 2022. As per the revised guidelines passengers arriving at the airport need to undergo a Covid-19 test and if tested positive follow home quarantine for seven days. 

We all know that guidelines update from time to time with the growing effect of Omicron. According to the revised guidelines for foreign arrivals released on 20 Jan 2022, the new norm will apply from 22 Jan till further order. 

Arrival Procedures: Testing and Quarantine Requirements

According to the latest guidelines; travelers from any country arriving in India who will test positive for the Covid-19 shall be isolated/treated as per laid down standard protocol and will not mandatorily be managed at an isolation facility. You can find last minute flights from Canada to India at airfarebooking without any hassle. We always provide the lowest airfare when compared to other websites. Follow the latest guidelines and safely enjoy your trip to India.

The rest of the provisions are the same in the revised guidelines. The revised guidelines removed the clause that focused on staying at an isolation facility upon arrival. According to the health protocol, authorities will instantly isolate and take travelers found to be symptomatic during screening to a medical facility.

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