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Top Eight Instructions for Budget Travel in India

India is one of the most popular countries in the world for travelers looking for memorable experiences without spending too much. The affordability factor is a major draw but it can also be challenging and at some times frustrating also. You can find cheap flights to India from Canada with to start your journey with budget-friendly flights. By following the instructions given below you can maximize your chances to have a positive experience of traveling around India on budget. 


It is very important to do your research before visiting a foreign country. Under any circumstances never decide to ‘take it as it comes’. Stalk on forums and look up places on the tourist guide to ensure that you have an opportunity to experience the best of local culture and heritage without feeling disappointed after you get to your destination. Many of the small towns have regional festivals that you can only find by searching on state tourist sites and outlets. Each state has its own regional holidays so make sure you do not end up traveling when monuments, museums, and shops are closed for visitors. 

For first-time solo travelers, make sure to book at least the first night of your stay at a decent place than you would normally book so you can also use it as a base to drop your luggage and scout for cheaper hotels without your bags on you. 

Don’t be Unprepared

Checking into a hotel straight from the airport and expecting to get a budget-friendly room immediately is always a losing game. Since hotels can charge you as they please, the first thing to do is act and be knowledgeable about nearby hotel prices. Homestays are another great option for those who are comfortable with living with a family. 

It is always the best choice to stay away from mall road/main market and stay at a quieter place if you hold your sleep dear. Also if you are not likely to cook then do not pay extra for the attached kitchen – local food is cheap.


If you decide to book your affordable flights from Canada to India in advance from airfarebooking then make sure to book them a minimum of 6 months prior to your journey. And if the hotel is also booked in advance then be sure to go over their list of services. It is also wise to call the hotel after an online booking to confirm that they have received the reservation.

Shop Smart and Bargain

It is the most overstated travel tip for tourists in India, but almost every single price offered to a traveler is much higher than the local or regular price. But you need to be smart and start negotiating at half price and take it from there with a big old smile on your face because there is nothing Indians love more than a good negotiator. 

Budget Travel in India
Get Old School

Get a map that is easily available at state tourism board counters, near bus depots, and airports. Carry a flashlight because in India many towns shut down after sunset. Also, carry a notebook with phone numbers of local contacts that might come in handy in case your phone battery runs out. You can also keep a power bank with you to save yourself the trouble in a foreign land. 

Don’t Eat or Shop in Tourist District

Shopping in the areas that are major tourist attractions guarantees you two things: not getting a look at how locals shop and more importantly, paying double or more for local items. For a genuine shopping experience, ask locals where they would shop and how to get there quickly. You would be surprised at the difference in price and experience. Food in such places is also tempered down to appeal to a more continental palate, thus robbing you of the pleasure of actual authentic recipes.

Carry National Id Apart from Passports

There are two big reasons why it is practical to carry an ID with you. One, it saves you the trouble of worrying about losing your passport. Two, if you want to rent a car or bike while walking in the city then you do not need to go back and fetch the documents. 

Carry Cash

There are a lot of ATMs across a majority of destinations; however, if you are visiting a small town or going into hills, carrying cash is the most important travel tip you will ever receive. Because a lot of machines haven’t been serviced relying on them is not a safe bet. 

Whenever you are visiting another country, budget is always a thing of concern. You should always opt for budget-friendly travel because you get to experience much more on streets than on highways. With Airfarebooking you can find the best deals on affordable business class flight tickets from Canada to India and save a lot of money on your flight tickets as we provide the tickets with the lowest airfare available on international airlines. You can visit our website or call us at 1-888-275-0882 for further information on flight tickets with low airfare.

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