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Road Trip Essentials – Ultimate Guide for Safe Trip In India

Road trips are not measured by mile markers, but by the moments you experience on the road. A road trip doesn’t only mean taking your car and hitting the road instantly. Before heading out there is a lot of groundwork and planning involved to make it a successful trip. 

Now find affordable flight tickets to India at, we offer the lowest airfare available on many international airlines. For a successful, safe road trip in India, you need to pick out destinations, finalize the route to take, check on the road conditions, etc. There are many things to consider before you take the wheel in India. 

List of Items to not leave without in India:

  • License and Registration

Foreign licenses are not valid in India, if you are on a short visit to the country then you need to get International Driving Permit from your country and if you are here for a while then you can apply for a license locally. Along with a license, you need to carry car registration documents and a pollution certificate. 

  • Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a precaution or preparation for a bad day which is important when you hit the road. Always make sure that your emergency kit is filled with things like a whistle, warning triangle, window breaker, tire pressure gauge, etc. to make your journey easy and comfortable. 

  • Spare tire

When on the road you always need to be prepared for a bad day. With a spare tire in your car trunk, you can reach your destination without any delays. Along with a spare tire, car jack, reflective triangles, tire repair kit, wheel wedges are also important to change the flat tire. 

  • First Aid Kit

You never know what you will need on a road trip, so keep every possible aid with you. Medicines, bandages, antiseptic solutions, and creams, keep everything ready with a proper first aid kit in your car.

List of things to remember for a safe road trip in India:

  • Your Ride

India presents you with all types of topography. Across the vast length and breadth of these terrains, you will get to experience extreme road conditions and landscapes. When in India always choose your ride very carefully because you can never underestimate the potholes here. Always choose the ride you know inside out.

  • Target Destination

India is a country with diversified geography and there is always a tourist season in some part of the country or another. Before renting a ride you need to do a little research on your target destination.  Search for new offers on cheap flight tickets to India at and begin your road trip from your landing destination. If your destination is busy with the tourist season then you can explore some other parts of the country. As it is always wise to explore new options.

  • Duration

A simple car journey from Delhi to Bengaluru does not count as a road trip unless you really wander into villages and towns en route. A simple long drive is not a road trip by itself, exploration along the way also plays a major role. Plan your road trip and spare a few days to make pit stops at places that interest you. India has so much to offer every day so spare a few hours before the halt to discover something new and amazing every day. 

  • Driving Companions

To make a road trip successful, who you are traveling with is a very important and crucial point to consider. On-road everyone has a different endurance level, a long drive is not everyone’s cup of tea and no one wants to listen to unnecessary complaining and moaning on a road trip. If you are driving with four passengers then take turns and rotate seats because you do not want a fun journey becoming a painful one for everyone. 

  • Plot Your Route

Before a road trip always check google maps and check out the route on it, because it gives you a generic view of the route and a rough driving time for the day. It also helps to keep the correct sequence of destinations in order to avoid going off track. Always use the navigation system that you are already familiar with. For cheap air travel to India, you can find flight tickets at at low airfare. 

  • Do Not Fear the Unknown

If you want a beautiful picture of true India then you should avoid highways and prefer the roads less traveled. The simple lives of small villages and towns are always a delight to witness and learn from.  Rather than dining in big restaurants prefer chatting with a small tea vendor, and never hesitate to talk to strangers as you never know what you will learn.

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