How do you find the Cheapest Canada to India Flights?

People waste a lot of time looking for the perfect deal. If you belong to this tribe, you will enjoy the below insights, especially on travel between Canada and India.

When you follow Canada to the India aviation market trend, you realize two important segments.

The first one is the students studying abroad and passengers of Indian origin, flying to their native land.

The other one is Canadians visiting India for business or leisure.

Check out the following, especially if you are any of the above. Or, just someone interested in knowing how do you find the cheapest Canada to India flights?

1. Where to Find the Cheapest Canada to India Deal of the Day?

First of all, know where to start. If start aimlessly, you are most likely getting nowhere.

Therefore, look below to nail the cheapest Canada to India deal of the day:

  • Don’t book direct flights

Factors like flight duration and distance cause variations in airfare.

For the same reason, direct and nonstop flights are expensive.

Also, don’t confuse yourself between direct and nonstop flights.

The former may still have a stop, whereas the latter never stops until it reaches the destination.

Although, time is of the essence, however, it is not always the best ides to fly long-haul at a stretch.

Breaking the journey into separate legs is much more comfortable than flying nonstop or direct.

But what’s the best location for a layover on a Canada to India flight? Read below to find out.

  • Layover in the USA

Yes, if you break your journey in the United States of America, you may score the lowest airfare from Canada to India.

What’s better is that you don’t even need a US transit visa if you are a Canadian citizen. Your passport will do the trick!

However, if you are someone with a Canadian permanent residence, it is mandatory for you to get a non-immigrant visa.

 You can have a comfortable stop in the USA before proceeding to India. This is especially convenient for those on a business trip as the same is usually tiring. A little leisure along the way only makes things easier.

The best part is that you get to spend less on the airfare and get a break at the same time.

But always:

  •  Skip Holidays

Holidays are the enemy of cheap plane tickets. Don’t fly on public holidays or important days. It is not only more expensive but also stressful.

The fluidity of airfare has a direct link with the changes in the supply and demand for flight tickets. Moreover, the holiday season such as school winter or summer vacations raise the prices significantly.

Do you know that the beach travel destinations flight tickets are affected the most?

So, to book cheap airline tickets to Goa, Kerala, Cochin, or any other beach destinations of India, always skip the holiday season! It is also important to:

  • Start looking early

However, if you want to plan a vacation with the whole family, and want you to bring your children along, you can’t follow the above-bulleted point. But, do not worry as there’s a way out.

Yes, you guessed it right! Don’t rely on the last-minute flight deal. Start looking well in advance.

Contemplate your travel itinerary and start looking for Canada to India flight at least two to three months in advance.

If you do so, you are sure to come across the cheapest flight deals.

On the contrary, if your travel is urgent, always do this:

  • Skip Weekends

If you cannot afford much flexibility in your travel dates, at least try to avoid the weekends. Again, the price structure is to blame. Weekends are busier as people can spare more time.

Weekdays are usually spent in taking care of the daily livelihood duties like job, etc. Therefore, people generally don’t prefer to travel.

And, for the airlines, a seat sold at a lower price is better than an unsold seat. Therefore, prices are rock-bottom.

And, Lastly,

  • Avoid Peak Seasons

Prices rise during the peak season due to the same reasons mentioned above. Another downfall of peak seasons is unconfirmed flight bookings. Airlines tend to overbook to compensate for prospective cancelations.

Therefore, you have a higher chance of getting bumped off a Canada to India flight, especially on a budget or well-known airlines.

This leads us to another important question you need to ask yourself before you start searching Canada to India airline tickets. Read on to know the answer to:

2. What are some of the Most Popular Airlines on Canada to India Route?

Canada to India is a famous international travel route. Therefore, a lot of airlines connect both countries.

However, the best-loved airlines with reliable travel service between Canada and India are as follows:

  • Air India

The flagship air carrier of India, Air India is amongst the most preferred airline for this route.

Air India offers attractive upgrades from the economy class to business as well as the first class. The services are reliable and satisfactory.

Going by the trend, it is one of the busiest airlines to operate between both nations. The airline offers a reasonable baggage allowance for all flight classes. The onboard facilities are basic.

However, when it comes to price, it is the best airlines to fly from Canada to India.

  •  Air Canada

Secondly, Air Canada is also a passenger-favorite. The nation’s largest and the flag carrier of Canada gives you best-value deals. It is always one of the most reliable airlines connecting Canada in India.

You can book affordable roundtrips, especially for business travel.

If you choose a layover in the USA, go for a business class flight ticket, you will have an exceptional flight experience. To balance out the airfare, you can book the economy of the remaining part of the journey.

On the other hand, if you book direct International airline tickets between Canada and India, you have a chance you experience the Air Canada Signature Class service.

  • Finnair

Finnair is another great pick to bridge the gap between Canada and India. However, there are two Indian destinations in particular for which you must book Finnair flight tickets.

These are the Indian capital of Delhi and the party capital of Goa.

1. New Delhi: Delhi is the gateway to the rest of India for most international travelers including passengers arriving from Canada. Therefore, you must check-out Finnair Airlines.

2. Goa: On the other hand, Goa is one of the most-visited travel destinations in India. In fact, it is the default Indian destination that you just cannot skip.

Further, the Finnair operates from three airports in Canada. They are The Vancouver International Airport, Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport of Montreal, and the Toronto Pearson International Airport.


The star alliance member, SIWSS is also a perfect choice to visit India from Canada. The airline flies to the following two Indian destinations:

1. Delhi: SWISS flights from Toronto to Delhi are the most sought-after route. Business travelers use it quite a lot. Since New Delhi is well-connected to the rest of India, and major international destinations, flying to Delhi is an ideal choice.

2. Mumbai: Secondly, the home of Bollywood or Mumbai is another famous travel destination from Canada. The route attracts a lot of business travelers. Again, you can get the bestvalue deals from the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

  • Cathay

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong. This airline is a suitable choice because it has a very low delay rate on Canada to India route.

Also, Cathay offers connectivity to 6 major metropolises of India from 2 Canadian cities.

These Canadian cities are Vancouver and Toronto. On the other hand, the six Indian destinations connected by Cathay are:

1. Delhi

2. Mumbai

3. Chennai

4. Hyderabad

5. Kolkata

6. Bangalore

Follow the above route connections to score cheap airfare deals. Now, it’s time to check out other cheapest Canada to India flight routes.

Find them here:

3. What is the Cheapest Canada to India Flight Route?

There are two Canadian cities that are most likely to offer the most affordable flight tickets to India. These are Toronto and Vancouver.

  • Cheapest routes from Toronto
  • Toronto to Ahmedabad flights have a lot of scope for discounts. You can compare the fares online.
  • There are many weekly flights that connect Toronto to Delhi and vice-versa. You can expand your savings by comparing roundtrips with one-way tickets.
  • Toronto to Mumbai airline tickets is also prone to dip in prices. Your best bet is a reputed online flight booking portal.
  • Cheapest routes from Vancouver

Again, Air Canada and Cathay Pacific offer Vancouver to Delhi cheap flight tickets.

Finally, booking flights from Vancouver to Mumbai may also get you lucky!

You just have to keep an eye out airline promotions.

A good idea is to follow the above-mentioned websites on social media.

These routes are your best chance to score budget deals.

However, location also plays some role in airfare. So, do you know? :

4. What are the Most Popular Canadian Airports to Fly to India?

Although there are hundreds of airports in Canada, only a handful of them operates on international routes.

To be more specific, there are 17 international airports in the country.

Out of them, these are the most popular Canadian airports to fly to India:

  •  Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
  • Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)
  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)
  •  Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB)
  •  Winnipeg James Armstong Richardson International Airport (YWG)

Airlines aim to maximize profits by selling as many tickets as possible. This is quite evident is the listed fares.

Flight prices change daily due to a huge number of factors. These include fuel prices, variations in the business environment, and so on.

However, despite all this, if you pay attention and be mindful of a few things you can get the lowest airfare, not only for travel between Canada and India but other destinations also.

Now that you know important things to keep in mind to get the cheapest airline tickets from Canada to India, it’s your time to put your knowledge to test!

Check out online flight booking portals and score the best possible deal. All the best!

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