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Flying Without Parents: Tips for Kids Traveling Alone

There are situations when it is impossible to prevent letting your child fly alone. Kids can travel or go to camp, school, or visit relatives. Children who travel without a legal guardian are labeled under the term “Unaccompanied Minor.” Special supervision should be required for kids. This kind of supervision provides parents with peace of mind. Each airline has its own rules for Unaccompanied Minors, including:

  • Age Requirements
  • Cost
  • Flight Limitations
  • Amenities.

So it’s important to research the rules of the airline you intend to book with. Furthermore, it is critical to have a reliable source that reduces your travel expenses when compared to another air ticket booking platform. Assume the children want to travel to a city like Mumbai, so they book flight tickets to Mumbai. However, it is critical to have both affordable options and the best facilities.

While parents may be hesitant to let their children fly alone, flying as an Unaccompanied Minor ensures extra care throughout the process. Prepare for your child’s solo flight with our advice, and see our guide to the policies of the major airlines below. When you’re ready to book, visit to search and compare your flight options.

Airline Policies for Unaccompanied Minors

  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin America

What to Bring


Take a picture of the person(s) your child will be meeting at the airport. Furthermore, write their complete contact information on the back of the photo. It is always a good idea to include:

  • A photocopy of the child’s passport
  • Other identification in his or her luggage.


Make sure your child has all of the medications he or she requires. Also, make them comfortable taking them on their own. For more information, see our guide to traveling with medications.


Bring some snacks and an empty water bottle for your child to refill at a water fountain after security.

Cell Phone

Consider arranging to get him or her a pay-as-you-go phone. This is a convenient way to communicate in an emergency.

Family/friends contact information:

Give your child a complete list of the people who will pick him or her up at the airport, including:

  • Their names
  • phone numbers
  • Addresses.

Before the flight

Try booking a morning flight & Write out the details

First, it is important to book an early flight from a reliable source like, where you can book the ticket with the best offer including the best deals on business class flights to India. This is a way you lower your Travel expenses. However, in case of a delayed flight or cancellation, you’ll have the rest of the day to make alternative arrangements. Anyone under the age of 17 traveling alone on an international flight must have a signed note from a parent or guardian granting:

  • Permission
  • Destination
  • Length of stay

Provide the right info

Parents must provide information on who will drop off and pick up their children at each airport. A flight attendant releases children to the designee or another designated employee after escorting them off the aircraft.

Make smart clothing choices & Select the right luggage

Make sure your child does not wear any clothing with his or her name on it. This will make it easier for an impersonator to convince a child that they can be trusted. Choose luggage that’s easy for your child to carry and recognize to reduce airport stress.

At the airport

Get confirmation & Arrive early

If possible, have your child contact you once they arrive and again when they are with the person who will pick them up. Unaccompanied Minors are usually pre-boarded. So airlines recommend allowing plenty of time to check in and get through security. A relaxed pace will also be less stressful for kids traveling solo.

Inform the flight attendants

Make sure the flight attendants understand your child is traveling alone. Confirm that he or she will be seated in an area of the aircraft where attendants can keep an eye on them – the very front or very back is ideal.

Finally, it is a productive way to give your kids an opportunity to travel alone but once in a while, you should also have a family trip. is the best platform where you get affordable airfare booking and international tour packages for families. This package will provide the best flight experience where your safety will not be compromised and have a good affordable offer.