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Lonavala – Hypnotic Vacation Destination for Family Getaways

Are you finally going on that long-awaited vacation to India? Airfarebooking brings you to the world of lovely Lonavala hills in Maharashtra. Whether you are looking for day trips, cultural tours, walking tours, and sporting events, find your favorite activities in Lonavala. Popularly known as the Resort Town in Sahyadri Mountains, you can enjoy the […]

Best parties to celebrate the festival of colors in Delhi

The festival of colors is back again and this year Holi parties in Delhi are going to be like never before. Holi is a joyful festival that signals the welcome of spring and the end of winter. This year parties and events in Delhi are some of the eventual celebrations for the city. Holi parties […]

Significance of Baisakhi festival for Punjabis

New Years are very special, so everyone welcomes them with new hopes and energy all around the world. And so do Indians, India is a land of varied religions, cultures, ethnicities, countless customs, traditions, and colorful amalgamations.  Much like others, we also follow the Gregorian calendar across the nation. However, people also follow the traditional […]

Experience a divine drive across serene Jammu and Kashmir

This summer if you are thinking of a ravishing and fabulous journey treat then simply visit Heaven on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir. If snow makes you happy then Kashmir has a majestic beauty and charm to enthrall you. If artistry and art excite you, you love to explore local cuisine then you shall be spoilt […]

Guide for Road Trips in India With Safe Travel Tips

A road trip is more than taking your vehicles out on impulse and braving the roads. You need to plan thoroughly about your destination, the weather of the roads, the best route to take, your traveling partners, whether the terrain allows for you to travel or not, and more. The summer is perfect to go […]

Top adventures to experience in Canada

Canada is a beautiful and massive country with unlimited adventures to experience. For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, Canada is like a dream country and is always on the top of their bucket list. This country is big on land and small in population, with stunning landscapes, never-ending wilderness to explore. You can find so […]

Most Captivating Theme And Amusement Parks In India

Stuck in a rut of working, sleeping, eating, and repeating the schedule for days on end with no interesting experience to look forward to? Do you love thrilling experiences that get your heart racing and you screaming in exhilarating exuberance? Not to worry. Airfarebooking has something in store for you just for this very moment. […]

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