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Top 16 Hidden Gems to Visit in Himachal

If you’re thinking about traveling to Himachal and have booked your plane ticket to India, you might be thinking of the conventionally quaint and tourist spots in Himachal- Shimla, Manali etc. But when everything is already provided to you in the guidebook you carry with you, places as such lose their charm somewhat instead of […]

This is Your Ultimate Packing Checklist

You’ll be needing to bookmark or save this checklist to refer to when the time of your trip gets closer- no matter where you’re going or for what purpose. Print it so you can edit and use accordingly. Let’s know it without further delay. Start With the Right Travel Luggage It’s imperative that you start […]

Top Things to Do in Mumbai

Imagine a swarm of people, like in London and multiply that by 100. That’s how Mumbai is on a daily basis. This City of Dreams is brimming with incredible culture, mouthwatering food and numerous historic buildings. And if you’re looking for a city bursting with energy and zest for life, this is your go- to […]

Foods You Have to Try When You’re Visiting India

When you’re planning to visit India, Indian cuisine is among your top priorities to be explored. And why not? It offers succulent meats covered in saucy rich marinades, deliciously mouthwatering desserts, and so many snacks to choose from. India continues to amaze approximately 10.89 million tourists who visit India in a year, apart from its […]

Get to Know India’s Tropical Paradise Kochi

Kochi, the ‘Gateway to Kerala’ has been a long time stopover for travelers on the way to other states of the country, India. Filled with immense views of the sea and lofty mountains alongside food, history and stunning art, Kochi is a must- visit port city on the south- western coast of India. The city […]

Popular Dishes in India for Foodies

Indian cuisine consists of a variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent. Given the diversity in soil, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations, these cuisines vary substantially and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Many Indian dishes are cooked in vegetable oil, but peanut oil is popular in northern […]

Interesting Things to Do in Toronto

The largest city in Canada by population, it is also known as the ‘New York of Canada’ due to its busy amalgamation of cultures. The sprawling city offers the 22.1 million tourists so many fun activities to engage themselves in.  The tourist numbers prove the city’s appeal, from offering up the breathtaking views of Lake […]

The Most Affordable Castle You Can Stay at in Canada

While you’ll be surprised to see the countless numbers of sensational castle hotels in Canada, since many of them are former railway hotels, spreading from Vancouver Island and Banff to Ottawa and Montreal, they can cost a pretty penny for an all day stay. Most of them were constructed in the late 19th century, and […]

Top Attractions to Visit in NYC

So you’re new in New York City and want to visit what it has to offer? Or you’re planning to go there for work or pleasure, and are interested in checking out the city’s best charms. We have compiled a list of touristy and iconic sites to visit for you. Find incredible airfare discounts and […]

The Ultimate Hack to Do on a Red Eye Flight

All of us have, sometime in our lives, traveled in an overnight flight. The dreaded overnight flights, also called the red- eye flights, usually leave late in the nights and arrive early in the mornings, disrupting your sleep and routine patterns. While most backpackers and travelers on a budget suggest going for a red eye […]

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