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6 Stunning Places to Visit When You’re in Canada

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is home to vivacious and culturally rich cities, with a myriad of incredible scenic natural wonders. From mountains to coasts, from rivers to grasslands, Canada has no shortage of picturesque landscapes for visitors to explore.  The vast plains, pristine lakes and lofty mountains, all inspire awe and […]

What to Do When You Visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar

When you’re planning to visit Amritsar, you need to visit the soul of the city, the Golden Temple, in order to understand the spiritual peacefulness surrounding the area. Built on a rectangular raised platform, it is encircled by a pond of water called the Amrit Sarovar, which gave the city its name. Famed for being […]

9 Reasons to Choose India as a Holiday Destination

Planning an international vacation and confused with the destination? Here is what we have for you.Choosing India as your next tourist destination will not disappoint you in any way. Whether you are an adventure lover or the one who is looking for peace, destination at this diverse subcontinent are sure to surprise you at every […]

Tips one Must Know Before Traveling to India from Canada

When you are traveling to an international destination, it is likely that you feel nervous. And this nervousness is not because it is your first air travel experience; it is mainly because you are not well acquainted with the place you are about to visit. People at new destinations follow different cultures, and you might […]

Travel Safety Manual: Stay Safe While on the Go

Traveling is perhaps the best-loved and most-popular hobby in the world. It is adventurous, educational, and a breath of fresh air. However, accidents are not confined to a single place as they can follow you no matter where you go. Since you are traveling to an unknown place and into a new environment, there may […]

Indian Tourist Visa Guide for Canadian Flyers

India is a country that people all over the world love to visit. It has a lot to offer for all its visitors. From magnificent architectural wonders and rich tradition to colorful bazaars and finger-licking food, everything is sure to amaze you. However, the most crucial thing that you will require to book cheap flights to this […]

A Complete Guide to Calgary International Airport 

Calgary International Airport or YYC Calgary International Airport serves the city of Calgary in Canada. The airport is spread over an area of 21.36 square kilometers and is located approximately 17 km from the downtown. After you book flights from Calgary, you will observe that there is a reason why the airport is the fourth […]

Vancouver Becomes the Third Canadian Destination for Turkish Airlines

Türk Hava Yollari, better known as Turkish Airlines, needs no introduction. It is the leading international air carrier in the world. Moreover, it is the largest mainline airline, and also flies nonstop to more destinations from the same airport than others. But that is not it. Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than all of […]

SpiceJet Baggage Allowance and Services Guide

An Indian carrier, SpiceJet, has been termed as the third-largest airline in the country. It serves the largest number of passengers on the domestic level. The airline has its base in Gurugram and is termed as a low-fare and no-frills airlines. Moreover, the airlines operate 306 flights on a daily basis over 35 domestic and […]

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