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Etihad Airways Introduces Comprehensive Inflight Medical Services

Inflight Medical Emergencies often happen during traveling. There are alot of things to consider while traveling from a passenger’s perspective. However, Many Airlines are taking good consideration towards passenger safety. The number of inflight medical emergencies has been steadily increasing, which is quite concerning. This is based on the recent University of Toronto study. There is a growing number of elderly, pregnant, young, and sick passengers flying, as well as those with long-term conditions. Most of the time, they are exposed to physiologic stressors during long-haul flights. This might result in medical emergencies onboard. This is not a good sign and is less preventive.

According to another study— This is conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine. “One medical emergency occurs in every 604 flights” mentioned in this study. There are some common causes of an in-flight medical emergency, including:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cardiac symptoms
  • Seizures

In addition, you can Book flight tickets to Mumbai with affordable options. Etihad Airways has taken a historic step where they have launched two specialized services. This service will guarantee ongoing in-flight medical care with pre-existing medical conditions.

  • One is a pre-boarding visit and checkup by an Etihad Aviation doctor.
  • Another will be an in-flight nurse.

In-Flight Medical Services with Doctor Visits and Onboard Nurses

Etihad Airways’ new in-flight guest medical services will be the promising future of Air travel that includes an airline-certified doctor’s visit. This will be for those passengers who require medical clearance before boarding flights. Passengers with pre-existing medical conditions can request an Etihad aviation doctor. They evaluate their health conditions before the scheduled departure of their flights. The Etihad aviation doctor can perform a health checkup in the presence of the passenger’s primary care physician. Within 24 hours of the examination, if the passenger is deemed medically stable, he will be granted the status of “fit to fly.”

The addition of a dedicated inflight nurse is the most commendable feature of Etihad Airways’ new inflight guest medical services. All passengers on Etihad Airways flights with pre-existing medical conditions will receive companionship and attention from an onboard nurse. The inflight nurse will provide necessary assistance during medical emergencies on the plane. It will undoubtedly add to the passenger-friendly values, which include Flying Nanny for children on board. These passenger-friendly flights can be affordable in airfare booking where you get international tour packages for family. This package will provide the best flight experience where your safety will not be compromised and have a good affordable offer.

Advantages and Market Impact

Commercial airlines will lose millions of dollars if they have an emergency medical landing. Due to such medical emergencies event, it may cause:

  • Flight Diversions
  • Delayed Takeoff
  • Emergency landings

Etihad Airways’ dedicated in-flight medical services will not only help the airline avoid unnecessary losses. But it will also ensure a smooth flight and the best medical care for passengers. It will undoubtedly benefit unaccompanied senior citizens aboard Etihad Airways flights from the United States to India and other destinations.

Some common sources stated: “Etihad Airways’ in-flight medical services appear to be putting other airlines behind in the race for a larger share of the market. A significant portion of our customers seek to book even the best deals on business-class flights to India on Etihad Airways. This is due to low-cost air tickets to India and excellent onboard service,”

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is the first commercial carrier in the Middle East to offer one-stop medical services. Their medical services have an Etihad medical team. Etihad medical team’s members are qualified and trained. They can handle in-flight medical emergencies and administer air transport medications.