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Reasons Why Summer 2022 Will Boost the Tourism Industry

The summer of 2022 will bring back a significant boom for the tourism and travel industries. Since the COVID Pandemic entered our lives, many businesses have suffered great losses, and the tourism industry was one of them. The COVID Pandemic was the worst time for the tourism industry as global lockdown eliminated the chances of […]

Ukraine and Important Points to Know About the War

Ukraine is going through callous times. The destruction, casualties, trauma, and tears that war brings to innocents take ages to recover. A war-struck area ends up worse than even a city affected by any natural disaster.   Airfarebooking helps travelers book international flights from Canada to India, but at such times, our heart goes out to […]

Will Canadian Airports be Using Drones?

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are generally received negatively. Despite being an ingenious technological device, they are always in the headlines mostly because of notorious reasons. However, drones have the potential to make lives better. Recently, one of the Canadian Airports deployed a highly-sophisticated UAV to assess the potential use of the device in […]

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