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Significance of Baisakhi festival for Punjabis

New Years are very special, so everyone welcomes them with new hopes and energy all around the world. And so do Indians, India is a land of varied religions, cultures, ethnicities, countless customs, traditions, and colorful amalgamations.  Much like others, we also follow the Gregorian calendar across the nation. However, people also follow the traditional […]

Guide for Road Trips in India With Safe Travel Tips

A road trip is more than taking your vehicles out on impulse and braving the roads. You need to plan thoroughly about your destination, the weather of the roads, the best route to take, your traveling partners, whether the terrain allows for you to travel or not, and more. The summer is perfect to go […]

All About Air Travel Bubbles | Airfarebooking

The pandemic struck in 2020 putting the entire world on hold. This resulted in international and domestic travel coming to a complete halt for many months. The government agencies worked around the clock for spreading awareness about the virus for people to be able to avoid coming in contact with it and after the vaccines […]

Top adventures to experience in Canada

Canada is a beautiful and massive country with unlimited adventures to experience. For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, Canada is like a dream country and is always on the top of their bucket list. This country is big on land and small in population, with stunning landscapes, never-ending wilderness to explore. You can find so […]

Dream Landscapes of Quebec during the Fall season

The season of travelers is undoubtedly the season of Fall with its mesmerizing color pallet filling the earth. Travelers enjoy the fall season by indulging in hikes, treks, road trips, and more while enjoying the landscapes, lush flora of their favorite destinations. Even among these heavenly destinations is the place where landscapes change colors every […]

The Ultimate Hack to Do on a Red Eye Flight

All of us have, sometime in our lives, traveled in an overnight flight. The dreaded overnight flights, also called the red- eye flights, usually leave late in the nights and arrive early in the mornings, disrupting your sleep and routine patterns. While most backpackers and travelers on a budget suggest going for a red eye […]

Tips for a Better Flight

The experience only well- off people had once upon a time before, is now available for everyone. The days of luxurious seats at high costs shifted to smaller, cramped seats at cheap fares. The seats now have less leg room and the airlines are charging too much for every facility, including luggage, snacks and comfort. […]

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