Tips for a Better Flight

The experience only well- off people had once upon a time before, is now available for everyone. The days of luxurious seats at high costs shifted to smaller, cramped seats at cheap fares.

The seats now have less leg room and the airlines are charging too much for every facility, including luggage, snacks and comfort.

Finding the best flight tickets, then book cheap flights online can be a hassle already. But, that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to an exhausting air travel, simply because you bought cheap air flight tickets.

In real life, there is so much you can do to ensure that you have a better flying experience, despite the troubles you might face when you are in air. 

Our aim is to provide you with a better travel experience, so you can be so much more comfortable than usual and end up less crazed than before.

You’ll learn how to get yourself comfortable, keep yourself healthy, entertained and well- rested.

1) Bring a Sleep Kit

You can either buy a sleep kit at most airport gift shops, or arrange for one at home to keep with your luggage. The most basic ones include a U- shaped travel neck pillow and an eye mask to block out sunlight bouncing off of clouds. 

If you can afford it, noise- canceling headphones can make a whole world of difference. You won’t be hearing the sound of a snoring seatmate or a crying baby nearby. It also blocks out airplane engine noises, despite you playing music or not. 

A small blanket or large shawl would also be beneficial for you as you surely won’t catch some shut- eye while you’re shivering from cold.

Airlines used to give them out for free before, but usually they charge extra nowadays. So, if you’re flying long- distance or have a red- eye flight, don’t forget to bring your own sleep kit and make sure it is light.

2) Keep Your Carry-on Small and Light

As airlines generally charge a lot for checked in baggage, most people try and stuff up their carry- on. But don’t be fooled, flight attendants are onto such people and they will make them check in such luggage, even as they are about to board. So, do yourself a favor and pack a light carry on suitcase. 

If you really want to fit in more stuff, ensure the stuff inside is vacuum packed so it takes up less space and weight. An additional bag like a backpack, a purse or tote is also allowed with you because it can easily fit under the seat in front of you and still have enough leg space left. 

Just make sure not to have more than a suitcase and a backpack; you wouldn’t want to have a huge bag crammed by your feet, a sore shoulder from lifting your luggage in the overhead cabin and a tote tucked in behind you.

That makes the whole experience uncomfortable. 

3) Bring Hand Sanitizer

Being a vigilant hand- washer when you’re still on the ground is really easy. But when you’re in air, make good use of the flight bathrooms where both water and soap are provided. 

However, it would seem illogical if you’re going there after touching any surface like the armrests, a magazine, the tray of food etc. 

Instead, bring a small hand sanitizer with you on flight. Use it after touching any kind of surface that other people would have touched before- light switches, overhead bin handles and anything else that comes to mind.

4) Bring Healthy Snacks

Instead of spending extra cash on unhealthy junk food that will probably make you run a few extra miles on the treadmill, save yourself the problems by bringing your own cheap baked snacks like carrot or celery sticks, or a light sandwich.

That will not only save a few extra bucks but also keep your blood sugar from dipping apart from keeping you healthy. Granola, nuts and dry fruits are also great options along with roasted seeds.

Also, do keep in mind to check the serving size and nutritional information given on the packet or can to ensure you’re not eating unhealthy food under the guise of being healthy.