The Ultimate Hack to Do on a Red Eye Flight

The Ultimate Hack to Do on a Red Eye Flight

All of us have, sometime in our lives, traveled in an overnight flight. The dreaded overnight flights, also called the red- eye flights, usually leave late in the nights and arrive early in the mornings, disrupting your sleep and routine patterns.

While most backpackers and travelers on a budget suggest going for a red eye flight for the benefits it provides- from more seating availability, less day time spent in the air and cheap airfare deals, it also wrecks your body with tiredness and of course, sleeping while you’re sitting isn’t exactly conducive to a good night’s rest.

However, there is a way to ensure you make your peace with going on a red eye flight for cheap air travel. You won’t be exhausted while you travel at nights and enjoy it while you save some bucks and time on traveling by cheap fare flights. Here’s how you can do that and not be tired- follow your night time ritual, just like you were at home.

Following your night time routine sounds pretty normal when you think about it, but when you’re implementing it in real life, it takes a whole new meaning and takes the guess work out of what you should be doing on the plane.

You should ideally be able to relax and do what you need to sleep without fear of waking up your seat mate neighbor. And the best part of this rule is that it is flexible for everyone to shift it and suit it to their needs accordingly.

We’re giving out a general before bed routine. If you have anything that you do or don’t do prior to sleep, feel free to do that as well.

Have Dinner

If you’re not picky about food and can eat airplane food that’s being served on your flight, go ahead and enjoy what the airlines are giving out for free. Or carry some hot sauce with you.

If, however, you don’t particularly like the airplane food and cannot stand it, enjoy a delicious meal at home or bring your own food with you.

Contrary to the normal belief, TSA does allow food to go through security as you pack a meal for flight or terminal. You just need to remember that all the foods are subject to the normal liquid and gel restrictions, and pack accordingly. 

If you’re eating your own home made meals or healthy options available, you can be ensure that you won’t get bloated or dehydrated while you’re in air. This is because mostly airplane foods are high in salt content that can have adverse effects while you’re flying.

Do remember to either eat or throw away any fruits or vegetables if you’re on an international flight because customs can require you to declare it when you arrive.

Brush your teeth

It is a part of basic hygiene and is a habit for most to brush your teeth after eating your dinner. Make it a priority to brush your teeth and you will feel instinctively that it is time for bed after that.

Carry a disposable tooth brush set along with a tiny tooth paste tube or bring a disposable pre- pasted brush for use. Also, use your reusable water bottle to rinse your mouth after brushing instead of the plane tap water. Do NOT use the plane tap water for rinsing your mouth.

Wash up

Whether you are removing your make up or simply using a face wash or cleansing wipes to clear your face, it can make a world of difference in the dirt and germ ridden surroundings by making you feel more at ease and relaxed while being encircled with people.

You will feel like you are more ready to fall asleep after cleaning your face.

And if you want to feel extra fresh, spray some cooling toner on your face. If you have a beauty night time routine, pack travel sized versions of those products, keeping in mind the TSA 3- 1- 1 rule. Or if you prefer being simple, disposable face wipes should be good to go.

While traveling on a red eye flight can sometimes be unavoidable, thankfully, making your comfort a priority isn’t.

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