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Significance of Baisakhi festival for Punjabis

New Years are very special, so everyone welcomes them with new hopes and energy all around the world. And so do Indians, India is a land of varied religions, cultures, ethnicities, countless customs, traditions, and colorful amalgamations.  Much like others, we also follow the Gregorian calendar across the nation. However, people also follow the traditional […]

Benefits of Early Flight Bookings for Summer Holidays | Airfarebooking

Summer holidays spread joy on everyone’s faces. Students are especially motivated and looking forward to spending an awesome time ahead on vacation with families or friends and other plans that they have. As most Canadian educational institutes give 4 month long summer holidays, this is also the time for many Canadian students to go on […]

Things to Do in South Goa When You Visit India

Goa has always been known as the place where everyone goes to have fun- youth or not, everyone wants to have fun at some point in their lives. With it being the ‘lit place’ or the party destination, many forget that there’s another, calmer side of Goa that suits one and all. South Goa presents […]

The Ultimate Hack to Do on a Red Eye Flight

All of us have, sometime in our lives, traveled in an overnight flight. The dreaded overnight flights, also called the red- eye flights, usually leave late in the nights and arrive early in the mornings, disrupting your sleep and routine patterns. While most backpackers and travelers on a budget suggest going for a red eye […]

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