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Things to Do in South Goa When You Visit India

Goa has always been known as the place where everyone goes to have fun- youth or not, everyone wants to have fun at some point in their lives. With it being the ‘lit place’ or the party destination, many forget that there’s another, calmer side of Goa that suits one and all.

South Goa presents, food, culture, architecture and so much more to check out for visitors. We bring you the details of planning your trip to Goa so that you can experience a once-in-a-lifetime worth of memories when you travel- with friends, family, or simply solo.

Ideal Months for Travel to South Goa

If you don’t mind the crowds and want the regular tourist experience, you need to travel to South Goa between October to March. This is the tourist season when the weather’s amazing and the food shacks never end. It’s practically the time when Goa comes alive, especially during mid-December to January as the tourists love to spend the holiday season here. So book your flights and hotels at the earliest to avail of cheap air travel.

When you want peace and solitude in your vacation, the ideal time to book your stay would be the monsoon season, from May to September. Though most of the beach shacks are not open for business, you get to enjoy a lush view, quiet green landscapes, beaches free from the swarm of tourists along with showers of rain and wind with a bit of chill and sea air to tease your hair and senses.

Where to Stay in South Goa

While there are countless great places to stay in Goa, you’d be missing out big time if you don’t visit South Goa’s beaches, such as Benaulim, Varca, Chandor, Colva, Margao, Agonda and Palolem. These beaches are famously known for their verdant greenery, foodie and romantic destinations, shopping, history, and nature-loving locations and more.

With the various resorts, AirBNBs, hotels and even coco shacks that are dotting almost every area of Goa, there is hardly a shortage of places to stay. However, if you’re visiting in the peak tourist months, you need to plan beforehand and book your stay well in advance to get you the best of views and comfortable stays.

How to Get to South Goa

Goa is so well connected that you can reach there using any means of transport. Goa’s national highways connect it to other states if you plan to travel by road. Let Google Maps guide you for the journey or take the old- but- gold route of traveling by a map’s guidance. Throw in some music and good cheer to make your trip memorable.

If you’re traveling by air, you can choose Dabolim Airport as your destination location. Direct flights link it to both national and international locations. If you plan beforehand, you can avail of amazingly cheap fare flights to get there.

When you’re a lover of rails, your best bet would be Madgaon (Margao) Station. All other local stations of Goa, along with the railways across various states of India, link to this station. Get your own dose of old-world charm through the railroads and revel in your journeys.

There are also waterways through which you can reach South Goa. However, they are available between Mumbai and Panjim. If your travel includes going through these locations, you’re in luck as the view is surely incomparable and it would be so much more enjoyable.

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