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Top 7 Historical Places In Ahmedabad That You Shouldn’t Miss

Ahmedabad, a city with a rich cultural background, is still a mashup of everything. It contains imposing temples, sizable mosques, elaborately carved royal havelis, and a number of places with ties to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. As one makes their way through Ahmedabad’s winding lanes, they come to understand that the city is a lovely fusion of the old and the new, rich in beauty, culture, history, and delectable cuisine.

So, are you interested in learning about Ahmedabad’s past and rich history? If yes, then you are at the perfect site because we are covering the top 7 historical places in Ahmedabad that you shouldn’t miss. With its assortment of historic architectural marvels and relics of the city’s thriving history, the city offers an intriguing journey through time. So, book flight tickets from Canada to Ahmedabad and immerse yourself in the allure of the past.

1. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram

Mahatma Gandhi lived in the Sabarmati Ashram, which is situated along the Sabarmati River. This ashram is a place of tranquility and serenity. The ashram is significant because it served as the starting point for the Mahatma’s nonviolent battle for India’s independence. Visitors always make a point of visiting this sacred location to pay their respects. Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the well-known Gandhi Sangrahalaya or Museum in 1963, and it must be seen. Here, you can find several things from Gandhi’s personal collection, including his writing desk, khadi kurta, pictures, letters, and more.

2. Siddi Saiyed Mosque

Siddi Saiyed Mosque

The mosque was built towards the end of the Sultanate of Gujrat and is sometimes referred to as Siddi Saiyyed ki Jaali. The mosque’s elaborately carved lattice work has made it famous around the world, and tourists are in awe of the location’s breathtaking architecture. The stone carving is known as The Tree of Life because it shows intertwined tree branches. It is amazing how the stone carvers of earlier times had constructed such magnificent and detailed works of art from stone, as this representation has now become the symbol of Ahmedabad city. Thus, book your international flight tickets from Canada to India and witness the magnificent beauty of the Siddi Saiyed Mosque.

3. Dada Hari ki Vav

Dada Hari ki Vav

The Dada Hari ki Bhav can only be found with the assistance of the locals as it is hidden by old houses and structures all around in the older section of the city. Despite the fact that this is just a step well, the architecture is intriguing. Gujarat has only one significant source of water, therefore step wells are highly visible there; yet, this particular well is especially noteworthy. There are carvings in Arabic and Sanskrit on either side of the stairs, and those who are familiar with the languages can read statements of profound thought. This gorgeous latticework allows light to enter the shaft, giving it a really dreamlike effect.

4. Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort

The vicinity of the Bhadra Fort is among the most picturesque parts of the city. The fort and its surrounding property cover an enormous 44 acres. The Bhadrakali Temple, which lies nearby, is where the temple originally got its name. It is a visual feast to visit the temple following the monsoon. The ramparts of the fort and the surrounding area provide breathtaking views. It is also among the wilder places close to Ahmedabad.

5. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

The revered Akshardham Temple served as the first temple for the Swaminarayan sect. Many people visit the temple’s vast complex to soak up the tranquility and peace of the setting. These extraordinary designs are used to delicately highlight the arches and brackets of the Akshardham Temple, which is painted in vibrant colors. The bold hues and delicate patterns are wonderfully in harmony.

The coloring palette is actually an exquisite depiction of the local and regional cultures. Additionally, this temple serves as one of the beginning sites for citywide heritage walks. Thus, book online flight tickets from Canada to Ahmedabad with Airfarebooking, and make sure to visit the temple if you have any interest in historical art or architecture.

6.  Lal Darwaza

Lal Darwaza

The Lal Darwaza, often referred to as the Red Gate, is one of the busiest spots in the city these days. It’s quite overwhelming to see how many people have come here. The Darwaza was built by Nizam’s Prime Minister, Maharaja Kishan Persad, in 1907. He was a nobleman who, despite holding the title of Maharaja, had become such because of the numerous things he did for the people. He also built the Darwaza, the area’s entrance, and founded the Bonalu festival in this temple.

7. Tomb of Ahmed Shah and his Mosque

Tomb of Ahmed Shah and his Mosque

Ahmed Shah laid the foundation for Ahmedabad, hence the name. This makes Ahmed Shah’s tomb a must-see when visiting. Despite its diminutive size, the cenotaph is incredibly attractive. However, according to traditions that are still deeply rooted in patriarchy, women are not allowed in the cenotaph’s central chamber. Of course, you are welcome to savor the tomb, the serene environment, and the external hallways. The compound also includes an adjacent mosque, which is one of the city’s busiest places of worship.

Wrapping Up

Ahmedabad is a veritable gold mine of historical treasures that provide an enthralling window into the city’s illustrious history. Each location testifies to the city’s rich past and the many different forces that have shaped it over time. Thus, if you are planning on visiting Ahmedabad, make sure to check out Airfarebooking, the best travel website to grab the cheapest flight tickets from Canada to Ahmedabad.

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