The Complete Health Kit for Safe Travel

The Complete Health Kit for Safe Travel

To make sure that your travel experience is favorable, safe and healthy you can exercise a lot of precautions.

One of the many is carrying products and equipment that contribute to safe travel. If you are skeptical about traveling amidst the covid-19, then don’t worry.

Here are some things that you can carry to ensure you are protected from the viral disease. This is the complete health kit for safe travel that you must carry every time you embark on an expedition:

1. Pocket Tissues

Carrying tissues while traveling is one of the best precautions. Every time you sneeze or cough cover your mouth with a tissue. Never use your hands or your clothes to cover your mouth.

The important thing here is to dispose of the tissue immediately and properly. Never reuse the tissue or cause litter.

Paper tissues are the best and are available easily. Moreover, they are convenient to carry as they do not consume much space. Also, since they weigh almost nothing, you don’t have to worry about overweight baggage.

So, get a pack before you even make flight ticket bookings.

2. Hand Sanitizers

When you are at the airport or inside a flight, you come in contact with a lot of high-touch areas. Also, since these places are crowded, the risk of contracting a disease escalates.

Hence, carrying hand sanitizers is the best way to maintain hand hygiene while on the go. Although they are not as effective as soap and water, they work fairly well.

Especially in light of recent coronavirus outbreak, a hand sanitizer is a must-carry. Moreover, airports are other public places that have placed sanitizing systems within their facility.

Yet, it is advised that you carry your own, especially if you have to board a flight. Select sanitizers with 60% or above alcohol content.

3. Good-Quality Soap

Nothing beats good quality soap when it comes to killing germs on your hands. Most of the viruses transfer via hands. When a person touches their mouth, eyes, or nose they disease transfer.

Therefore, never touch your face with unclean hands. Also, it is important that you wash hands before and after particular activities. These include before eating, after using the washroom, after sneezing or coughing, and so on.

If you use soap to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, your chances of falling ill fall down significantly. Do this multiple times a day, especially while traveling.

Therefore, equip yourself with high-quality soap bars before you even book flight tickets online.

4. Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are a life-saver. Carry multiple packs while flying. Use these antibacterial wipes to clean high-touch areas at the airport or inside the flight.

Frequently wipe baggage handles, containers, or seats at the airport lounge, and so on. While onboard, disinfect all the hard surfaces including table trays, seatback, armrests, headrest, overhead bin, walls, window shade, and seatbelt buckles.

Follow such precautions before you come in contact with any surface while you are out there. Disinfectant wipes are very common, and you will get them anywhere.

Also, they hardly weigh anything and do not use much room. You can easily carry them in your hand baggage. This will help you keep your airfares cheap by escaping the baggage fee.

5. Nail Clipper

Nail clippers are another important addition to your travel health kit. As established before, hand hygiene is crucial when it comes to viral diseases.

Therefore, keeping your hands clean is your safest bet. Especially if you are traveling with your family and children, encourage them to carry their own nail clippers.

It is one of the most basic grooming articles. And, even though they are available easily, carrying your personal nail clipper is advised.

Check your nails before consuming food, or touching your face.

6. Surgical masks and Gloves

Surgical masks of good quality help you beat viruses from entering your bodies. Anyone with weak immunity, chronic disease, or other such health ailment is advised to get surgical masks.

You can select from a wide range of products and see what suits your preferences. N95 is a popular choice.

Further, also get yourself a pair of gloves. They will save you from coming in direct contact with any surface. However, it is important that you wash the gloves frequently.

Also, only use your own gloves. Never share them with anyone, even family. Ask every child, and family member to carry their personal pair of gloves.

7. A Bottle of Water

Use a clean water bottle to carry sufficient water to last your journey. Drinking water can be purchased from shops across the world, and are available at airports and inside aircraft. However, carry your own water bottle.

This will ensure that the water you are drinking is potable. There is no direct relation with staying hydrated and protecting against the virus. Still, maintaining body water levels helps your metabolism and immunity. It is critical to normal and healthy bodily functions.

8. First-Aid Kit

The first-aid box is a must-carry. Every time you Safe travel, a well-stocked first aid box becomes mandatory. It should have sufficient basic medical supplies. These include band-aids, cotton, dressing gauze, and so on.

Other items to include are a small pair of scissors, crepe bandages, surgical tape, antibacterial or antiseptic wipes, pain relief medication, and antihistamine cream.

9. Insect Repellent

Diseases and viruses spread via insects such as flies, mosquitoes, etc. Therefore, insect repellents are extremely important.

They come in a number of forms such as sprays, creams, nets, coils, etc. Select the best one according to your preferences and destination.

Traveling calls for many precautions. Carrying the above-mentioned articles will help you manage uncertain events. Another good tip is to opt for travel insurance. Different policies have different coverage schemes.

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