Top Indian Tech Events and Conferences to Attend in 2022

Tech conferences and events are like a magnet of opportunities. It is all about meeting the right people at the right time in the right place. If you are a tech entrepreneur then a tech conference is just the place for you to be. It can give some extra boost to your career, start-up, or small business. Tech Events and Conferences are also a hotbed for peers, customers, investors, and competitors.

We have compiled a list of must-visit exciting technology events and conferences of interest to IT executives. Many of these conferences and events are now online to limit the spread of Covid -19 and some are still going to be held offline in their desired destinations. Attending and learning from any conference requires dedication not only in terms of time but also in terms of planning and money.

To attend a conference or event in another country you need to plan your trip properly, book your flights and accommodation carefully. In 2022 there are so many tech conferences and events, so you can find cheap business class tickets to India at and get the best flights available on your departure date. Booking your air tickets a month before departure helps you to make proper travel arrangements and plan your trip. 

Some top tech events and conferences with dates and location:

January 2022

19 Jan – 20 Jan: The Machine Learning Developers Summit 2022 in Banglore is being held to bring together leading innovators and practitioners of ML to share their ideas.

February 2022:

4 Feb – 5 Feb: The International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computer Engineering (ICETCE-2022) in Jaipur. The theme for this year includes network security, cognitive computing, and bioinformatics. 

March 2022:

23 March – 25 March: Convergence India 2022 in New Delhi is going to be a three-day exhibition with a focus on the latest technologies in Broadcast, Telecom, Satellite Tv, Cable, IoT, Mobile Devices, Content Creation, and many more.

24 March – 25 March: Voice Tech Summit India, Bangalore. The goal of this event is to discuss trends shaping the future of speech technology, customer interaction, and AI. 

May 2022

19 May – 20 May: Global Digital Security Forum India, Mumbai. To bring together top security thought leaders from leading organizations for the exchange of best practices and insights. 

September 2022

19 September – 20 September: Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, Mumbai. To address challenges faced by leaders of data analytics as they build the adaptable and innovative organizations of the future. 

November 2022

14 November – 16 November: Gartner IT Symposium and Xpo, Kochi. This will be a gathering of CIOs across industries and regions to gain new viewpoints on the opportunities and challenges of business transformation.

Ideas multiply when you share them with others and visiting any conference or tech event helps you meet like-minded people to share your ideas and plans with. 

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