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Indian Tourist Visa Guide for Canadian Flyers

Indian Tourist Visa Guide for Canadian Flyers

India is a country that people all over the world love to visit. It has a lot to offer for all its visitors. From magnificent architectural wonders and rich tradition to colorful bazaars and finger-licking food, everything is sure to amaze you.

However, the most crucial thing that you will require to book cheap flights to this incredible country is the Indian tourist visa.

If you are planning to fly to India from Canada anytime soon, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to help you know everything about getting your Indian tourist visa.

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What is a Tourist Visa?

Whenever you wish to visit a country other than your own, you will require a tourist visa for it.

This document is typically conditional permission given by a state to a foreigner. It further allows them to enter, explore that territory, and then finally leave it.

Thus, before you decide to find flight booking deals to India, you must ensure that you have an Indian tourist visa handy. It will ensure that you enter and leave the country without any issue.

Who Can Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is generally for those people who plan to visit India for tourist purposes. It may include reasons like sightseeing, recreation, or a casual visit to meet relatives and friends, etc.

Thus, if you belong to this category, you can readily apply for one. And once the government issues it to you, you can book cheap air tickets to India.

Further, here are some crucial points that you must know about your Indian tourist visa. These are:

  • The permit that you will get is non-convertible. Also, it is non-extendable. And you do not get permission for any other activity on this.
  • For all the Canadian and other visa applicants, bio-metrics is compulsory. And for it, you will have to be available in person. And it is specifically for those between the ages of 12 and 70.
  • You can also get an Indian tourist visa after you reach the country. However, it is valid for 30 days only. And then you will have to fly back to Canada.
  • Lastly, there must be a gap of two months between your tourist visits to India. Therefore, make sure to book your Delhi flights accordingly.

Where Are Some BLS Application Centers in Canada for Indian Tourist Visa?

To apply for your visa, you need to find a BLS Application Center.

And these are present in the following locations in Canada:

  • Vancouver
  • Surrey
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg
  • Brampton
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal

Depending on your region, you can apply for your Indian tourist visa in any of these centers. And once the officials here review your request and issue you one, you can readily book cheap tickets to India.

Who Cannot Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa?

The following people do not need to apply for a visa to India:

  • If you are of an Indian origin
  • In the case of having a spouse in India
  • If your parents are of Indian origin

Thus, if you are among these groups of people, you do not need an Indian tourist visa before you book India flights. Instead, you will require an entry visa.

Furthermore, there are certain countries whose citizens do not need an Indian tourist visa, as well. These are Nepal and Bhutan.

Also, now you can get an e-visa for your visit to India, as well. And these can be for the following period of time:

  • Five years
  • One year
  • One month

For those wanting to travel from Toronto to India, these are an ideal choice. However, applicants of certain countries are not eligible for this kind of an Indian tourist visa.

Pakistan is one such country. So, if your grandparents or parents were born in Pakistan or have been a resident, you will have to apply for a standard visit visa.

Furthermore, even the issuance of e-visas is done for various purposes. These include:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Conference
  • Medical

What is the Indian Tourist Visa Scheme? 

For those looking for flights from Calgary to Chennai, having an Indian tourist visa is essential. Also, this is true for all other destinations in the country, as well.

As per the travel visa scheme of the country, you can readily request for an Electronic Visa online. After this, the government officials will review your application and issue it to you.

After this, you can book your tickets to India. And once you reach the country, you can get the visa stamp at the airport for your entry.

Furthermore, the visa you will get will be valid for a certain period of time only. These range from a month to one or five years.

Therefore, if you have an India travel visa that is currently valid, you can quickly book Regina to Delhi flights and explore this capital city of the country.

What Are The Documents You Will Need to Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa?

When you wish to fly to Cochin from Canada, you will need a visa.

And for this, you will need the following documents:

  • NID/Birth certificate
  • Latest Utility Bill copy
  • Bank statement/Active international credit card / Travelcard.
  • Profession proof
  • Indian tourist visa application fee
  • Last passport copy and all old passports
  • Passport size photographs
  • Signed Application form

How Much Fee Will You Need for an Indian Tourist Visa? 

When you apply for a travel visa for India, you will have to pay a certain amount of fee for it.

It is given as follows:

  • Indian Travel Visa Fee for Five Years: CAD 105.95
  • One Year Indian Travel Visa Fee: CAD 52.98
  • One Month (April to June) Indian Travel Visa Fee: CAD 13.24
  • One Month (July to March) Indian Travel Visa Fee: CAD 33.11

Once you pay this amount, the authorities will issue you a visa after reviewing your application. And then you can readily book your Mumbai cheap flights.

What is the validity of an Indian Travel Visa? 

When you apply for an Indian travel visa, it can be valid for the following periods:

  • Five Years: When you have this visa, you can book Canada to India tickets without worry as it is valid for five years. Also, it has maximum benefits.
  • One Year: This kind of e-visa is valid for 365 days. And you can get multiple entries to the country. Moreover, you get to stay 180 days at a time in India.
  • One Month: When you have a one-month Indian travel visa, you can get two entries to the country. And the validity of this is for 30 days. Further, the days start from your arrival in India.

Is There a Best Time to Apply For an Indian Tourist Visa?

You will need a tourist visa whenever you need to visit India from Canada. Therefore, you will have to apply for it whenever you need it.

However, in case your purpose of the visit is not urgent, you can keep the following in mind before you make a request:

  • Weather Conditions in the region you wish to visit: If you want to explore this incredible country, you will have to choose your time of application of an Indian tourist visa keeping the weather conditions in mind. Make sure to avoid the scorching summer days along with the monsoons.
  • Availability of cheap airfares to India: There are times when you have a specific travel budget for your visit to India. In such a case, you have to wait for some cheap flight deals to the country. And since numerous airlines fly to it, you are sure to find one.

Here is what every Canadian flyer must know about the Indian tourist visa. Make sure to refer to this guide before you apply for one. And once you get one issued, you can readily book cheap airline tickets to India.

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