The Return of Regular International Flights Can Be Expected From Middle of the March

India has stabilized greatly after the sudden outbreak of COVID in 2020. Efforts made by everyone in controlling the spread of the contagious virus and maintaining personal hygiene to lower the chances of being infected with special measures of the government like lockdowns, special care units in hospitals, and early access to free coronavirus vaccine has shown great results. February observed a great decrease in the fatality rate due to COVID and a sharp incline in the percentage recovery rate. 

The Omicron variant was considered a bigger threat and the government had to enforce strict regulations, especially on the international arrivals in India. This adversely affected the airlines’ industry as the scheduled flights are under a ban and only special flights are being operated with nations that have an air bubble arrangement with India. This arrangement allows Indians and foreigners who are looking to come to India from overseas to travel safely under guidelines issued by the GOI (Government of India). The government eased up the restrictions on international arrivals in February and also discarded the at-risk categorization for travelers coming from different nations. 

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India went under a complete lockdown in the last week of March 2020 and the special flights with different nations started in late 2020. The government earlier decided to normalize international flights starting from Dec 15 2021 but the decision was rescinded due to the threat of the Omicron variant and the scheduled flights were once again suspended indefinitely. 

The government’s circular stating the ease of restrictions and guidelines for international arrivals in India came with a continued suspension of regular flights till 28th February 2022. The aviation ministry is under discussion with the home and health ministries to soon open the gates of international travel to and from India. The ministry says that they are currently observing the increased domestic flights and if the results are beyond satisfactory the international flights can also be seen running and operating soon. 

Domestic airlines are nearing the 80% mark of their daily flights during the post-pandemic days. The good news is that the travel demands which have been pushed back globally are now being entertained as more and more nations are opening up their borders. 

Let’s have a look at some statements by different figures relating to the question of opening international flights from Mid-March or Early April. Scroll down to have a look at the different ideas and thoughts relating to the reopening of regular flights. 

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  • An official source who wants to remain anonymous said that a proposal has been sent to the health ministry with the subject of opening scheduled flights soon.
  • The flight fares will be greatly affected and decreased with the resumption of more flights. This will bring a positive change as many people are waiting for the fares to go down before they make their travel plans. 
  • As many countries are allowing international travelers with minimal restrictions, the positive decision of India on suspended flights will be beneficial to the nation in many ways. 

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