8 Must Experience Water Sports in Goa

Goa is well known for its mesmerizing beaches and a large number of water sports. The opportunities offered by Goa to its travellers are endless. One can easily explore the waters in multiple ways without worrying about the busy day to day schedule.

Spending a week in Goa will surely be a relaxing experience for all. And if you are an adventure lover, all you need to do is book flights to Goa from Toronto and pack your stuff for a perfect vacation.

When you have planned your trip to Goa to enjoy the scenic beauty of the destination, checking out various water sports can be very promising.

Get ready for a fun-packed vacation in Goa with your friends and do not miss the following water sports:

1. Kneeboarding

Before experimenting with some of the difficult water sports in Goa, you can go for kneeboarding that seems to be similar to skiing. This will help you delve deeper into the deep waters and turn your holiday mood on.

The activity requires less force as compared to skiing without compromising with the fun. So, booking flights to Goa to enjoy Kneeboarding is worth giving a try.

You can try this kneeboarding at Mobor Beach, Candolim beach, and Rajbaga Beach. However, the best season to experience this is from October to June.

2. Kayaking

This comes in the category of somewhat calm water activities. And if you are the one who wishes to spend your afternoon paddling and exploring mangroves, and backwaters, you will find no other sport better than this.

And when you have booked flights to India from Canada during monsoons, this sport can turn out to be exciting in such weather conditions. You can enjoy Kayaking on the Palolem beach.

However, other beaches offering this water sport are Hollant Beach and Dona Paula. Its is highly advisable to wear a life jacket during Kayaking and not to go for the same if the beach is rough or even if it is raining.

3. Water Boarding

This sport is quite similar to water skiing but is somewhat tricky and challenging. The sport is carried out with one board other than two and requires the person to pay less focus on balance.

The adventure activity helps you enjoy the waters with full enthusiasm on your flight tickets booking to India The beaches like Mabor Beach, Rajbaga Beach, and Candolim beach are the places where you can enjoy waterboarding.

4. Windsurfing

As thrilling as it sounds, windsurfing allows the adventurers to surf and sail in the waves of Arabian Sea. As the wind controls the flow, you can ride on the waters with the changing wind flow. This activity can be considered as one of the most exciting among all the other water sports.

And when you are finally in Goa, on your flights from Canada, you can experience windsurfing during the calm morning breeze for a wonderful experience.

The beaches offering this water sports include Vagator Beach, Colva, Calangute, Bogmalo Beach, Dona Paula Beach.

5. Scuba Diving

The next in the list is a beautiful as well as thrilling experience that is scuba diving. If you are a nature lover, the beauty that you are going to experience is mesmerizing and cannot be explained in words. This is another popular water sport for travellers in Goa.

With the proper following of pre-diving instructions, scuba diving can be enjoyed in the beaches like St. George Island, Pigeon Island, Devagh Island, Grande Islands, Netrani Islands.

6. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is an altogether different experience. Let your hair go wild in the air and let the sunshine bright on your face, while you are cutting through the deep waters in the beaches of Goa.

When you book airline tickets to Goa from Canada, you will see that this is the most popular water sport. The places offering this include Mobor, Rajbaga Beach, Calangute, Colva, etc.

7. Banana Tube Boat Ride

If you are on group travel to Goa, the fun offered by the destination is incomparable. You can take a joint ride over a banana-shaped boat with your friends. Fun with friends and the excitement of the water rides can be experienced all together.

Some of the beaches offering banana tube boat ride are Agonda, Miramar, Anjuna, Palolem, etc.

8. Parasailing

You can fly high in the sky during the parasailing. Participate in this water sport with your partner or alone for once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy the spectacular view from the above with this easiest and equally enjoyable water sports.

The beaches that offer to parasail are: Anjuna, Calangute, vagator, Colva, Dona Paula, etc.

For the adventure sports lovers, Goa has everything to keep you entertained. Spend some time with the water and forget all the stress in your life. Book flights to India from Canada for once in a lifetime water sports experience in Goa.

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