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A Brief Rundown About the Chennai International Airport (MAA)

Chennai International Airport (IATA: MAA, ICAO: VOMM), which serves the Chennai Metropolitan Area in the state of Tamil Nadu, is India’s third busiest airport after Delhi and Mumbai Airports. Previously, it was known as Madras Airport. Chennai Airport is located approximately 21 kilometers (13 miles) southwest of the city center. Nearly one-quarter of travelers each year fly internationally, despite the fact that the majority of inbound visitors are from the Tamil diaspora abroad.

Although the airport was historically and conventionally constructed, it has since been updated with the most cutting-edge engineering and design. At the enormous airport building, it is a treat to observe. The international airport in Chennai is known by the codename MAA. Just a few of the numerous and well-known foreign destinations that are linked to Chennai’s international airport include Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Colombo, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi. The Chennai International Airport serves as the main hub for Go Air and Air India.

Every day, more than 400 aircraft arrive at and depart from the airport. As mentioned above, The distance between the city centre and Chennai International Airport, which is located at Tirusulam, is roughly 21 kilometres. About 30 minutes are needed to go from the airport to the city core. Today’s blog post covers all things related to the Chennai Airport, including its amenities and connectivity.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the Chennai International Airport that will assist you when flying into and out of the city such as flight from Canada to India.

Quick Overview of Chennai International Airport

Quick Overview of Chennai International Airport

The Chennai airport is owned and operated by the governmental Airports Authority of India. The airport has experienced significant construction and upgrading since it first opened in 1948, including the addition of new domestic and international terminals as well as an extension of the secondary runway. However, a rise in local travel has put a strain on the airport’s capacity and size.

According to a 2019 survey, Chennai International Airport, also known as Anna International Airport, is one of India’s top four airports. Along with serving the city of Chennai and its metropolitan area, this airport serves travellers from neighbouring states who are travelling internationally. Additionally, if you are on the lookout to book cheap international flight tickets from Canada to India, then visit Airfarebooking now.

Chennai International Airport Terminals

Chennai International Airport Terminals

At Chennai International Airport, the domestic and international terminals are located next to one another. At the moment, there are three terminals at the airport: Terminal 1 handles all domestic flights, Terminal 3 handles international arrivals and Terminal 4 handles international departures. A moving walkway connects the domestic terminal to the international terminals. Less than 15 minutes pass during the journey. Regular free shuttles in golf buggies are also offered.

The international terminal has 6 boarding gates, while the domestic terminal has 9. For details on the location and amenities of the Anna International Terminal and Kamaraj Domestic Terminal, go to the airport’s official website. Additionally, book cheap flights to India from Canada by simplifying visiting Airfarebooking.

Parking at the Airport

Vehicles must drive into and out of the airport within ten minutes when dropping off or picking up passengers. If not, the parking facility imposes a parking fee regardless of whether you use the parking space. The toll booth sits on a service road near the airport’s terminal end, making it hard to access during busy airport times. The lowest fee is 50 rupees for 30 minutes.

Chennai International Airport’s Passenger Services

In this part of the blog, we will give travellers a sneak peek into the passenger services offered in detail by Chennai International Airport for those who will soon be arranging for the arrival and departure of international flights in the area.

  • Airport Lounges

The Chennai airport lounges are accessible for a fee regardless of the flight class you are taking. There are separate lounges for the airport’s domestic and international terminals.  A few of the lounges are accessible with an economy class ticket as well! For the precise location of the lounges, consult the airport map of Chennai. It’s been hailed as one of Chennai Airport’s greatest visitor entries in 2018.

  • W-Fi Services

At Chennai International Airport, Wi-Fi is available for free use for roughly 45 minutes. You need to enter a working Indian phone number to get access, and you’ll get an SMS with a PIN you may use to connect to the Wi-Fi. Once you’ve used up your free Wi-Fi allotment, you can choose to pay for additional internet access. Additionally, there are numerous free mobile phone charging stations located throughout the airport for use by all visitors.

  • Currency Exchange

For visitors from other countries flying into Chennai International Airport, this is one of the most helpful services. The domestic terminal has two, while the international terminal has five currency exchange desks.

  • ATMs

You can find ATMs in both terminals if you need to withdraw money. If you are flying last minute overseas such as taking last minute flights from Canada to India, be careful to plan accordingly and be aware of your withdrawal restrictions. It would also be beneficial to let your bank know about your travel intentions.

  • Food and Drinks

Both terminals of the Chennai airport offer a wide variety of eating options. Despite the fact that there might not be any restaurants open around-the-clock, the airport does have a number of food concessions that operate on various schedules. Free drinking water is also available. In addition, you can utilise the green water cups the airport supplies.

  • Luggage Storage, Lockers, and Trolleys

There is landside luggage storage provided in the international arrivals area of Chennai International Airport. The price ranges from 5 to 20 rupees, depending on size. Although there is currently no porter service at Chennai International Airport, there are free luggage carts available. The landside check-in area in International Departures also offers luggage wrapping service.

  • Medical Services

At Chennai International Airport (MAA), there is an Apollo Hospitals First Aid Room that provides urgent medical attention. Ask staff at the airport if they can help you with access. Furthermore, Domestic Departures airside houses a pharmacy.

  • Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-free shopping is available at Chennai International Airport’s International Terminal for both incoming and leaving passengers off flights in business or economy class. Furthermore, shops at the airport sell a variety of commodities like gifts, apparel, souvenirs, tea, and other items.

  • Baggage Screening; Lost and Found

The International Terminal has implemented a change in the way they screen bags.  In-line baggage screening has not yet begun in the domestic terminal.  If you misplace your luggage, you can ask for help at the lost and found counters at Chennai International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the passengers really need to arrive 3 hours before their international flight?

Yes, it’s advisable to arrive at least three hours before your scheduled departure time for an international flight from Chennai to avoid missing it due to potential delays during security check-in or immigration. For instance, if you’re flying internationally from India, authorities recommend arriving at the airport at least 3 hours beforehand.

  1. How many airports are there in Chennai?

In all, Chennai has three airports, one of which is the international airport. The Indian Air Force and the Air Wing of the Indian Navy are respectively in charge of the other two.

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