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Heading to Tamil Nadu? Stay Updated on International Arrival Guidelines at Chennai Airport

Are you considering a vacation to Tamil Nadu? Book Toronto to Chennai flight ticket Keep up with the most recent changes to Chennai Airport’s policies regarding foreign arrivals. Tamil Nadu’s travel laws are in keeping with the guidelines that the Indian government now has established for foreign immigration. Travel to Chennai is slowly taking on the features of life before the pandemic. Though vaccination and pre-arrival RT-PCR testing aren’t typically mandatory, staying informed about specific requirements becomes crucial, particularly considering the evolving global situation and emerging variations.

Air Suvidha form

Presently, the necessity of the Air Suvidha form is limited to travellers from specific countries. You do not need to fill out an Air Suvidha form if you are flying to Chennai from Canada. Additionally, you can book last-minute flights from Canada to India. Regularly check for the latest updates to ensure compliance. Given the dynamic nature of travel regulations, be aware that the Indian government may have adjusted requirements for inbound travellers, so it is essential to stay informed about the most recent changes.

Are you required to undergo an RT-PCR test if you have booked your travel to Chennai from abroad?

As of a recent update, India may have revised its entry requirements. Verify whether full-vaccination or RT-PCR testing is now mandatory. Make sure you have your vaccination certificate readily available, as it may still be recommended. Stay informed about the latest guidelines, especially for travellers originating from specific countries.

Can you travel to India via Europe or the Middle East without an RT-PCR test?

The transit scene is subject to change. Stay informed about the latest regulations for European nations and Middle Eastern countries. As of today, asymptomatic travellers with full vaccination certificates may still transit hassle-free, but it is imperative to stay updated, as policies can change rapidly in response to the evolving global situation.

Post-arrival procedure at Chennai MAA Airport for inbound travellers?

The post-arrival procedure is fluid and may have evolved based on the current scenario. While thermal screening and pulse oximeter readings are likely to continue, additional measures may be in place. Stay updated on the latest guidelines for isolation and testing procedures to ensure a smooth arrival experience.

About COVID-19 testing at Chennai MAA Airport?

A standard RT-PCR test costs Rs 700 per individual at Chennai International Airport’s COVID testing centre, which also provides a report in 5–6 hours. An hour after gathering the sample, any traveler undergoing a quick RT-PCR test can download the report, which costs Rs 3400.

Passenger-friendly cops will soon be deployed at Chennai airport.

Soon, the Greater Chennai City Police (GCP) will station officers at the airport, primarily to greet and assist both foreign and local tourists arriving in the city from different locations. They will cover the exterior portions of the vast airport complex. City police officers will set up and operate helpdesks to assist passengers.

Airport Advice and Trivia

  • The authorities updated baggage screening at the international terminal but initially didn’t implement inline baggage screening at the domestic terminal, thereby forcing departing domestic passengers to undergo luggage screening before check-in.
  • Critics frequently target the airport for its poorly planned international terminals, impolite employees, filthy restrooms, ineffective immigration procedures, sluggish security checkpoints, delayed baggage claim times, and the use of buses rather than aerobridges to transfer travelers from airplanes to the terminals.

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