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The Statue of Unity- A Tribute to Sardar Patel

Travellers book their affordable Flights from Canada to India through Airfarebooking and then pass the curving road toward the Statue of Unity (SoU), they usually think, “Wow, it is massive!” The statue stands on Sadhu Bet Island, which is linked to the coast by a lengthy bridge and appears to be an immense structure against a background of the Vindhya and Satpura mountains. This massive statue honours Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, The Iron Man of India, and symbolises his legacy of dominating the Narmada river basin.

Sardar Patel and His Monument

He stands tall, almost as if he watches over the country he helped free. The Statue of Unity is the tallest in the world, reaching an outstanding 182-meter height. It shows Sardar Patel walking, dressed in his simple clothes. It is so big that you can see it from up to 8 to 8.5 kilometres away, about 100 times the height of a five and a half-foot person. Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed it on 31 October 2018 to honour the 143rd birthday of Sardar Patel. Additionally, you can choose airfarebooking to explore hotel and flight packages as it will help you when you are on your budget trip.

Design and Features

The statue stands on a star-like geometric base that spans the entire Sadhu Hill. Two high-speed elevators provide access to the viewing gallery at 135 meters, located at the chest level of the statue. Access to the elevators is via an exhibition gallery where one can gaze at a realistic replica of the monument and a complex blueprint.

Viewing and Exhibitions

The elevators zip up 150 meters in just half a minute, carrying 26 people at a time. The viewing gallery, reinforced with steel grids, offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and the distant Sardar Sarovar reservoir. What is interesting is that besides the statue, there is a cool laser show that tells us all about the life of Sardar Patel. It reveals why the statue was built for him and discusses his significant contributions to our country. What is cool is that there are lifelike pictures of Patel throughout his life, such as when he was a lawyer, during the ‘Bharat Chodo’ movement, and wearing his usual kurta pyjama. Meanwhile, if you are considering a trip from the USA to India, can provide you with some attractive deals.

Construction and Comparison

Larsen and Toubro finished the Statue of Unity (SoU) in 33 months, setting a record. The Statue of Unity surpasses the Spring Temple Buddha monument of China, standing 177 feet taller despite being built in a quarter of the time. The Spring Temple Buddha took 11 years to build. The Statue of Unity consists of two semi-joined composite concrete cylindrical cores enclosed in a steel space frame to provide structural support for the external cladding.

Artistry and Precision

The face of the statue is quite remarkable, crafted by the skilled 93-year-old sculptor Ram Sutar to have a dignified expression. Patel’s head stands high, his arms by his sides, and he appears to be marching toward the Sardar Sarovar Dam, his left leg slightly ahead. Deciding on the perfect pose for the statue was not easy. Engineers looked through about 2,000 photos and talked to many historians to pick the best one. Then, they turned a flat picture into a lifelike 3D model. Last but not least, if you find this article engaging then don’t forget to book last minute flight deals to India from Canada with Airfarebooking.

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