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Top 10 literary festivals in India-essential for book lovers!

Every year, there are book festivals all over India. People who like to read, write, and edit get together to share ideas. These festivals happen in different cities, giving a chance for fans to meet their favorite writers. There are also fun storytelling sessions and activities for kids and young adults, to help them enjoy reading more.

Cities across India host annual festivals celebrating the literary richness of India, surrounding conversations and debates, and cultural acts like music and performances. Such events showcase both regional and international literary figures. Most states have at least one literature celebration in their capital, organized by India’s Ministry of Culture. Book air tickets from Canada to India & explore these festivals is a literary treat and a fantastic incentive to travel and experience the best Indian literary culture.

The top ten book festivals in India that every book lover should attend 

1. Jaipur Literature Festival, Rajasthan

In the Pink City, JLF resembles a massive book festival. There will be famous speakers and a variety of stories, making it a wonderful experience to learn about books from around the world.

2. Times LitFest, Different cities

The Times of India organizes this festival, which takes place in numerous places and covers a variety of topics. It is free to attend, therefore it is open to everyone. You can also participate in conversations and cultural events.

3. Kolkata Literary Festival, West Bengal

This event in Kolkata is a big celebration of the joy of reading and writing. Kolkata is like the literary hub of India, and this festival brings together stories from both local writers and those from around the world. It’s a great mix of our own tales and global stories.

4. Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival, West Bengal

The Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival is hosted by Oxford Bookstore every January in West Bengal. It offers a rich literary experience with diverse themes and engaging activities.

5. Bangalore Literature Festival, Bengaluru, Karnataka

This ‘Namma Bengaluru’ festival corresponds to a melting pot of concepts. It brings together writers from around the world and locally for conversations and activities designed to captivate your interest in reading. Book Canada to Coimbatore flight ticket and soak yourself in the celebration of the Literary Festival.

6. Hyderabad Literary Festival, Telangana

The Hyderabad Literary Festival in the City of Pearls is a vibrant celebration of art, literature, and culture. It’s a platform for discussing ideas and exploring South Indian art, featuring renowned speakers.

7. Kasauli Literary Festival, Himachal Pradesh

This celebration remembers Khushwant Singh and is held in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from reading, you can take in the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains, music, and entertainment.

8. Chennai Literary Festival, Tamil Nadu

This festival fosters intercultural and interlingual understanding. The stories are a combination of local and international, with sessions offered in Tamil and English.

9. Vadodara Literature Festival, Gujarat

This Gujarati festival is becoming more and more well-known and offers a ton of engaging talks, panel discussions, and workshops. It is a gathering place for creative minds.

10. Shillong Literary Festival, Meghalaya

This festival, which takes place amid the lovely hills, honors the rich cultural diversity of the Northeast. It is a unique literary experience with lively discussions and an emphasis on localized talent.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are visiting any of the states, consider booking cheap flights from Vancouver to Ahmedabad. These literary events are a must-see. They seek to connect the past with our present life, the real with the imagined, and the spoken with the written. Literary festivals have evolved into an excellent source for all literary enthusiasts and young writers with a rising passion for literature and composition. Visit Airfarebooking to learn more!

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