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Elevate Your Indian Travel Experience with These Top 7 Podcasts.

The newest and most popular method of creating audio material is through podcasts. They are a special fusion of compelling storytelling and individually told stories; think of them as an intersection between viewing a movie and studying a book. They let people’s imaginations go wild.

The culture is progressively growing, and now we want you to sit down, earbuds tuned in, while we take you on a tour through the top seven podcasts that you will fall in love with right away.

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Here are the top 7 Indian Travel Podcasts

1. The Musafir Stories

The podcast, hosted by Saif and Faiza, is about discovering India and its places through tales and observations from visitors throughout the country. Usually consisting of interviews, the podcast tells the captivating stories of travelers in their own words, encouraging listeners to start traveling.

2. India Chalo

The India Chalo podcast, hosted by Rohan Bansal, delivers inspiring discussions on exotic destinations. The guests on this podcast talk about the many Indian vacation places and what inspired them to travel.

3. Made in India

Highlighting independent musicians from across India, every episode of this musical podcast showcases an artist. Additionally, it includes acoustic renditions of their original songs along with engaging conversations.

4. The Brewing Travel Shots

The Flapper Life, a woman-owned travel and tourism company, hosts The Brewing Travel Shots, which features captivating stories of unappreciated female travelers. From archaeologists and animal naturalists to travel entrepreneurs and motorcyclists, the diverse group of travelers discusses their record-breaking accomplishments, conservation of the natural environment, and making travel hygiene easy for women, among other topics. The episodes also present overarching themes of female travelers in India and their personal experiences pursuing careers in the field. The podcast features eighteen episodes hosted by these motivational people. ​

5. The Budget-Minded Traveller

Have you ever felt the need for more concrete, hands-on travel advice? In that case, you should come here. This podcast, which is hosted by Jackie Nourse, answers each of your inquiries on living a self-sufficient travel lifestyle, particularly abroad. With over 95 free episodes available right now, choose from several interviews with travel experts, experiential tales, and travel hacks, all in one place. For more affordable options, you can check out affordable last-minute flights from Canada to India.

6. The reDiscovery Podcast

A couple left their jobs and traveled throughout India to learn about its communities, people, culture, and history. Hoshner, a former sales professional turned photographer, and Ambika, a political scientist, are the hosts of this travel podcast, which focuses on an India that many people are unaware even exists. Speaking about their Journeys on the road, from the untouched and varied beauty of the countryside to the bylanes of unknown villages and towns, this one is sure a treat to the travelers who are looking out for more than just a trip, a travel narrative with different perspectives.

7. Travel North East India With Upasana Kakati

The goal of this podcast is to use words to share inspiring and touching tales from trips throughout the northern part of India. Moreover, it is about dispelling myths and getting to know the local population, tribes, and cultural foods. Additionally, every episode focuses on cheap trips to various locations in the Northeast using local tourism, homestay, accommodation, and transit systems.

Final Words

These travel podcasts will encourage you to pack your bags and see some incredible places while also providing you with insightful advice from the hosts on how to stay within your vacation budget. Also, book your Canada to India cheap flight tickets to get the most out of your budget travel experience make sure to visit AirfareBooking to learn more.

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