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How to Find Affordable Air Tickets to Canada

Continuously searching for cheapest flights to Canada is tiresome, exhausting and most of all, expensive. We are repeatedly searching for lowest air tickets, and with too many search engines and continuously fluctuating prices, the whole experience can be a bit overwhelming for you.

This isn’t only the case for Canada but, there are a few ways you can avoid spending a major part of your travel budget on flight expenses.

Read on and see how you can save your time, frustration and most importantly, money while you’re booking for flight tickets to Canada.

1) Your searches should be kept a secret.

There’s a well known fact- you’re not alone when you think that flight prices have increased after you have searched for them a few times. The flight rates do increase when you’re searching for the same route repeatedly.

This is based on the cookies in your browser, because the site wants to make you panic that prices are going to increase if you don’t book them immediately. So remember to always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode. 

Always conduct a fresh flight search after closing all incognito tabs and opening a new one. That is due to the reason that your cookies are reset each time you open a new incognito window.

If you’re using Safari or Chrome as your web browser, press ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’, and ‘N’ to enable an incognito window. For Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox users, hit ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’ and ‘P’ to open a private browsing window.

Your cookies won’t be tracked or stored and hence the prices won’t be inflated unnecessarily when you actually book a flight. 

2) You should be using the best flight search engines.

While there is no particular search engine that always offers best prices for air tickets to Canada, there are some who usually are the best at offering affordable flights. Below are a few top flight search engines for your perusal.

We recommend using Skyscanner or Momondo as they usually offer the cheapest flight tickets possible to Canada.  As of 2021, most broad search engines we’ve mentioned have also expanded to include budget airlines.

But if you want to be 100% sure you’re not missing out on any deals, we suggest doing an additional search for regional budget airlines as well.






Google Flights



3) Pinpoint the cheapest day (s) to fly.

Many theories exist that air fares to Canada are cheaper on Wednesdays or Fridays. Here’s a fact, they’re usually cheaper on weekdays, not weekends. And you can never determine which days would be the cheapest in general.

Evade the trouble and go to your flight search engines to check what days and dates would be the most affordable to fly out. Choose to travel in the low seasons instead. The summer months are the busiest for Canada where visitors flock to Canada for its lush greenery and incredible sights.

However, it has much to offer in the winter months as well, like October or November. The crowds are lesser and you can enjoy many winter sports along with the breathtaking surroundings.

If you’re using Skyscanner, you can get a quick visual of the prices of the whole month for a particular destination. Here’s the process you can use to conduct a search and check what would be the cheapest day to fly out. 

Get on the Skyscanner website or download its app from the Play store.

Select one- way (even if you’re flying round trip, you’re only looking now) and enter your departure and arrival cities.

Instead of entering a date, select ‘Whole Month’, followed by ‘Cheapest Month’ and then, ‘Search Flights’ to find out what’s the cheapest month to fly and at what date.

4) Buy your air tickets to Canada in advance.

By now, you’ve already found out the off season for tourists traveling to Canada by finding the cheapest day and month to fly out.

Another detail to remember, air fares to Canada are considerably inexpensive when you’re booking for the future, say 5- 6 months.

If you’re buying air tickets for Canada keeping that time frame in mind, the fares drop considerably. 

And there you are, with the cheapest flight tickets to Canada in your hands.