10 Travel Booking Tricks That Will Get You Cheap Flights to India

Who doesn’t love to travel? However, booking cheap flight tickets can be a significant hindrance to your travel plans.

This is probably the major expense when it comes to organizing a trip to India.

This gives rise to the need for travel booking tricks. But, when you look for these, you are sure to find a large amount of conflicting information out there.

Therefore, finding cheap flights to India can be quite a task.

To ease out your worry, we have come up with a well-curated list of some of the best travel booking tricks.

These are sure to help you get the cheapest airfares.

Have a look:

1. Keep Your Flight Searches Top Secret

When looking for cheap flights from Toronto, the first trick you need to follow is to keep your searches a secret. You can do this by looking for your flights in the private window.

This method is among the best travel booking tricks that you can use to book cheap flights to India.

Every time you look for flight deals on a travel booking portal, you may see an increase in the prices. This hike is due to your search history.

It is because whenever you search for a ticket to someplace, the cookies of that website stores your information.

So, whenever you search for the same destination again, you are sure to notice this change.

Also, this is just a strategy of these websites to sell out their flight tickets. And you can avoid this situation easily by searching in the incognito mode.

Alternatively, you can delete your history and cookies.

Thus, the next time you want to book flights to Mumbai, make sure to use this trick.

2. Be Flexible with Your Travel Schedule

Another great trick is to try to keep a flexible schedule when booking cheap flights to India.

It is because airline tickets prices tend to vary as per the day of the week, upcoming holidays, festivities, and time of year.

Therefore, this is among those travel booking tricks which you must follow.

If you are traveling just for fun, you can quickly shift your travel dates. Also, changing your travel time can cause a lot of difference.

Thus, by making these little changes to your plans, you can earn cheap tickets to India.

Further, you must know that if you travel when most other people are traveling, getting cheap flights from Canada can be quite challenging.

Therefore, if possible, try adjusting your travel plans as per the availability of cheap flights to India.

3. Try Low-Budget Travel Destinations

Besides, when to fly, you can even try being flexible about where to fly. Doing so, there are chances of you getting cheap flights to India.

Sometimes, the tickets to popular destinations like Mumbai and Delhi may be a bit pricy.

Therefore, instead of these, you can try visiting some underrated destinations in the country.

Not only are these less populated, beautiful, and economical, but you can also get the cheapest tickets to these.

Thus, when booking cheap flights from Vancouver, you can try to be open-minded about your travel destination.

You can do this when all you need to do is travel a little to satiate your wanderlust.

4. Mix and Match Airlines

An excellent method to get a cheap flight ticket is by mixing and matching airlines. There are days when you love to fly with your favorite airline.

However, this may not always be cheap. Therefore, trying out different airlines is an excellent idea.

Further, when you book with an airline directly, you can only fly with it and its partners.

Thus, you cannot try the other airlines, and therefore there will be a limit to your options. And therefore saving some bucks might be difficult here.

Therefore, try booking on separate airlines. For example, when you need to fly from Edmonton to Delhi and have a stopover in between, you can book both these with different airlines. Sometimes, doing so is likely to get you cheap flights.

5. Try Booking from an Alternate Airport

You can even find cheap flights to India just by changing your airport location. This is both for your departure and arrival airport. Sometimes, arrival to Mumbai International Airport can be cheap that the other airports near it.

Thus, you can choose that and then reach your destination by road or any other convenient way.

Further, by following this method, there are chances that you may find extremely cheap last minute flights, as well.

Usually, the less popular airports are the once to where or from where you can get cheap flights.

Moreover, these airports are sure to have fewer crowds. And this will help you have a smooth transit through them.

6. Opt For Flight Connections

Choosing flight connections over direct flights is also an excellent trick to get cheap fly tickets. People usually consider such connecting flights a nuisance.

However, this is not true at all. You just need to know the way to choose the one for you.

direct flight from Calgary to India is undoubtedly comfortable for every passenger. But, when you need to get cheap flights, this may not be the right choice for you. Moreover, not all connections are complicated.

Therefore if possible, choose a flight connection that has a difference of some hours between both the flights. Also, make sure to know how to transit through a link smoothly.

7. Avoid Peak Months

When you wish to visit India as a tourist, there is a specific time that is the best for you to visit there. Also, this period is the peak earning period for the aviation industry.

Therefore, airfare prices tend to increase during this time. And getting cheap flights can be quite tricky.

Thus, in order to get air tickets at cheap prices, you need to avoid these peak months.

Further, another way to get these is by choosing odd hour flights. Just like peak months, there is a peak time when the airport crowd tends to be the maximum.

There is quite a demand for flight tickets during these hours. However, this is not the case for early morning and late-night flights.

Therefore, getting cheap flights to India is really easy during this time. Make sure to use this smart travel hack the next time you decide to visit India.

8. Sign Up For Price Alerts

You can also sign up for price and email alerts of your favorite airlines and travel booking portals. Doing so, you will quickly get to know about all the deals and offers they provide.

Also, you can follow all their social media channels. Thus, whenever the airlines offer cheap business class tickets, you will be the one to know.

Therefore, this is one great way to get cheap delta flights. You just have to follow them on all their social media channels and subscribe to their newsletter.

Thus, by following this travel booking trick, you can readily get cheap flights to India.

9. Compare

When you are looking for some cheap flights to India, a great rule is top compare well before you decide to make a booking.

There are multiple comparing websites that you can find these days.

Thus, every time you see a cheap flight, do not book it immediately. Make sure to search a bit more. Only then will you get the cheapest flights to India.

10. Do Not Stop Looking

Once you have found your cheap tickets to Calgary, book it. However, do not stop looking after that. There are chances of you finding an even better deal.

If you find such cheap flights with a day of your booking the earlier ticket, you can also make use of the 24-hour time window that airlines offer for a penalty-free cancellation.

And there you go! Booking cheap flights to India can be really easy when you stay alert and make use of these travel booking tricks. Plan your next trip wisely!