9 Tips for a Successful Solo Female Travel to India

Traveling solo comes with many adventures and uncountable and interesting experiences, especially when you are in India. Obviously, the major concern for the female traveling to India independently will be regarding their safety.

Solo trip to India is something beyond just a journey; it is a life experience. When you book flights from Canada to India, you will see that people here welcome everyone with an open heart and a wide smile.

Traveling solo comes with its own advantages, yummy food, picturesque beauty and exciting memories, everything in your own company. But being vigilant gives no harm.

Although right from flights to India till the end of your journey, you will never actually feel alone, you should consider the following before starting a solo trip.

Tips for Solo Travelers

1. Plan Your Journey Wisely

India has a lot to explore, but setting up restrictions for yourself will be a better way. You cannot explore the entire place in a single go, it is better that you visit a place and explore it to the fullest.

So, before you book flights to India from Toronto, plan ahead and wisely where exactly you would like to visit.

And if you are a female traveller, you might get confused about the zone that would be safer. Try and do a wise survey before actually booking flight tickets to India from Canada.

This planning will be also helpful in packing your stuff. Going to Goa or Haridwar will require different dressing.

2. Find a List of Places for Solo Female Travelers

Indian has plenty of attractions spread over its vast land. When you plan a trip to India, and after you have made your cheap flight booking to India from Toronto, the next task is to shortlist the destinations that cannot be missed.

Check for the climatic conditions and know which climate suits the best for your travel. Some places look beautiful during monsoons, while some are best experienced during winters and spring.

So, make a list of best places to visit in India, along with their climatic conditions and mark your interests.

It will help you to set up a perfect itinerary.

3. Enjoy Your Days in India

Traveling solo means you are not bounded with responsibilities, and you can set aside the stress and worries of everyday happenings. However, that simply does not mean that you have to keep yourself lockdown in your hotel room.

Move out, meet new people, learn how they dress up. Learn the native language of the place, and explore the native attractions yourself.

The more interesting part for traveling solo will be exploring the local bazaars and enjoying mouth-watering dishes. And, all this by simply finding the best flight deals to India from Canada.

4. Interact with Locals

India is known for its rich culture and tradition. And who other than the locals can give you a clear glimpse of their tradition?

There is no harm in making short term friends while you are traveling to India solo. Starting from when you have booked airfares to India, you can make friends with your fellow travellers.

You will surely enjoy interacting with locals and try to learn some new phrases, their accent and the kind of food they eat.

You can also buy outfits from the local markets to learn traditional dancing styles with colourful props and dresses.

5. Enjoy Local Food

We already know that traveling solo comes with many adventures in hand, but good food is worth giving a try. And when you are already in India, missing out on local food is not an option any more.

You already know India is famous for its spices and delicious flavors; you should definitely try what local foods in India have in stock for you.

And you will see that tastes changes from region to region. However, you should carefully check the hygiene of the place you are planning to eat at. After all, you cannot afford to fall ill on foreign land.

6. Carry Light

As you are traveling without a companion, from flights to India to beyond, carrying heavy luggage should not be considered at all. Try to pack all that you require in its miniature form and exclude things from the packing list that you already know will be available in India at ease.

If you are a smart packer, a carry-on, one suitcase, and a backpack will be enough for a week’s tour. When you carry heavy bags on your flight ticket booking to India from Toronto, these will become difficult to carry in many uncontrolled situations.

7. Installing Travel Applications

However, guides are available everywhere for your assistance; installing travel applications will add to your comfort while traveling solo.

You will be able to mark your location, find places on your own and know when it is not safe to move further. Moreover, you can also take advantage of social media to get connected with your family and friends.

It will further reduce their worries when they know that you are in safe hands.

8. Keep Your Documents Safe

Traveling solo comes with many responsibilities. However, in today’s world, one can carry everything easily as soft copies with them in their cell phones and laptops, but some documents are a must on your international travel to India.

When you have your original documents with you, you should be careful enough to ensure there safekeeping. From air flight tickets booking to India to the return journey, make sure that these documents are kept at a right place and are not misplaced.

9. Choose Accommodation Wisely

Choosing your accommodation is yet another task that needs to be taken care of. Frauds can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. One must choose the hotels that are located at the prime locations of the city, and that offers easy commuting.

Also, make sure you keep handy all the emergency numbers in case you feel alone and disturbed by some. However, it is always advisable to not travel during nights and opt for public transports as much as possible.

Book flights to India from Toronto and experience the friendly and respectful welcome perfectly aligning to the concept of Atithi Devo Bhava.