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Dynamic Beats and Moves – 5 Festive Music and Dance Events in Odisha

Each part of our Incredible India will send you warm wishes for the festivities. The lively culture, extensive traditions, cheerful environment, and many delicious meals are on the table. After all, this is what India, the land festival, is famous for. Odisha is one of the regions in India where festivities make people’s lives happier. Locals perform many celebrations all year round because this region observes various tribes and religions.

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The Top 5 Well-Known Music and Dancing Festivals in Odisha are:

1. Konark Dance Festival

Konark Dance Festival

This event Transcends religion and culture by highlighting the beauty of the Konark Sun Temple and the elegance of Odissi dance. During the Festival, people celebrate the historical splendour of the Konark Temple. As the sun goes down, the temple comes alive, with lights complementing its beauty. Talented classical dancers come together to take part in this delightful Festival, which is popular around the world.

2. Mukteshwar Dance Festival

Mukteshwar Dance Festival

The only focus of the Mukteshwar Dancing Festival is Odissi dancing. Many young and old artists perform Odissi dances in solo, duet, and group forms. Esteemed dance groups from Odisha and other regions of India are performing during the festival. It takes place in the courtyard of one of Bhubaneswar’s oldest, most significant, and best-preserved temple complexes—more than a century old. The Mukteshwar shrine is one of Bhubaneswar’s smallest and most modest temples. It is prominent for its peculiar eight-petal lotus-shaped stone archway and ceiling.

3. Beach Festival at Puri

Beach Festival at Puri

A cultural feast of both classical and modern artists takes place during the annual Puri Beach Festival. Performers come together for this colourful beach festival from countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia, India, and others. The captivating events, fashion and cultural displays, exhibitions, beach activities, and delicious food of this Festival are sure to draw in every guest. Observing distinctive sand paintings and handicrafts directly on the beach will allow you to truly capture the spirit of Odisha. This event is no different than any other international festival, from partying with the locals to enjoying the gorgeous evenings. Also, if you are looking for a cheaper way to travel, you must visit AirfareBooking to Book cheap flight tickets to Mumbai from Canada.

4. Music Festival Raja Rani

Music Festival Raja Rani

This annual musical festival, housed on the grounds of the majestic Rajarani Temple, exudes an undeniable appeal that contributes to the atmosphere of the event. The musical extravaganza, which features performers from throughout the nation, is prominent among lovers of classical music. A platform for traditional Indian music is provided by the festival, showing everything from the diverse instruments of India to the beautiful vocal styles of Hindustani, Carnatic, and native Odissi music.

5. Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav

Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav

The Pagoda, a symbol of Odisha’s Buddhist tradition, is a lasting symbol of harmony and peace around the world, known as the Global Peace Pagoda. Many traditional performing arts, performed by eminent practitioners, highlight the message of peace; the State Tourism and Culture Department and the Odisha Dance Academy are co-hosting the event. The celebration originated in 2003 as two different festivals, which were united in 2011 to form the Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav. Under the starry skies and artistic mastery of the performers, the Peace Pagoda transforms itself during the three-day festival, providing attendees with memories to cherish for days to come. The event combines traditional dances, classical music, and symbolic dances from various cultural backgrounds.


These are the 5 Festive Music and Dance Events in Odisha that truly capture the essence of this gorgeous coastal state in India. Every festival will tempt you to join in the excellent celebration because they are all distinctive and spectacular in terms of their cultures and customs. So, if you are a dance enthusiast then you should check for the best deals on business class flights to India and appreciate the dance culture of this state.

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