Comox Valley: An Ideal Family Destination on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is one of the most amazing places in Canada, It has hugely varied landscapes, and many fun activities to offer in Comox valley like ocean kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain and road biking, and hanging out on the beach. You can now book affordable flight tickets to Vancouver on, we provide the lowest airfare from various international airlines. 

Depending on the size of your family, available time, and mood, Northern Vancouver  Island have little something for everyone to offer. 

Here is the list of some beautiful travel destinations o Vancouver island to explore with your family:

  • Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove

In Telegraph Cove, you can spend a day kayaking or watching wildlife, including whales, with your family. Furthermore, this community, once a telegraph station, cannery, and fishing village, has transformed into an ecotourism resort hotspot. Additionally, the RV park and Telegraph Cove marina offer a cafe, moorage, camping facilities, and a whale interpretive center—an engaging wildlife museum housing skeletons of various whale species, land animals, and local marine life. Its remote location and natural surroundings make it an ideal family destination.

  • Suspension Bridge and Elk Falls Provincial Park 

Suspension Bridge and Elk Falls Provincial Park 

A few minutes north of Campbell River, a new Elf Falls Suspension bridge is situated, easily accessed after a short hike from the parking lot through a shady forest. Once on the bridge, suspended over Canyon River, it sways and moves, offering a unique and exciting adventure. While exploring with family, make sure to pause at all the viewing platforms to fully take in the sights and capture some great photos. You can book cheap international flights to Canada now with the latest offers and deals to avail on our website.

  • Fast time Grand Prix Parksville

Fast time Grand Prix Parksville

In Parksville, this little go-kart track is fun, 0.5 Km, 35 – turn course with European designed karts, which seems like a formula one racetrack. Once you are buckled in then you are sitting a few inches off the ground, a race computer keeps track of everything there, lap times, posts track conditions, and also prints out race results afterward. This track is fun to go track with family and friends, if you have your own go pro and want to record your race then full-faced helmets have action camera mounts attached to them for that. You can buy cheap flights from USA as well from to save time for traveling on rentals. 

  • Outdoor center and Horne Lake Caves

Outdoor center and Horne Lake Caves

In the sweltering summer heat, seeking an escape? Look no further than Vancouver Island’s Horne Lake Caves. These caves offer the coolest outdoor adventures, including rappelling expeditions and subterranean tours. Moreover, the outdoor center hosts exploration activities, catering to everyone. Situated only 25 minutes south of Comox Valley, this Vancouver Island gem awaits.

  • Long Beach, Tofino

Long Beach, Tofino

For West coast adventure, the waves rolling in on Long Beach in Tofino is an amazing backdrop. Whether it is just beachcombing or you are there to admire an amazing horizon that stretches to infinity. there is a lot to explore.

If you’re with your family, you can build perfect sandcastles here, only to see rolling waves and tides demolish them.

  • Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

As a destination that experiences some of the highest snowfalls in North America, it once catered year-round for recreation. Now, get ready for an exhilarating slide down the hill as the stage is set. Additionally, Mount Washington caters to snowboarders and skiers of all levels. From beginner slopes to challenging black diamond trails, this mountain offers thrills for everyone with a touch of practice.

If you are not a skier then you should try some other amazing fun activities at the resort including snow tubing, snowshoeing, and fat biking.

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