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Interesting Things to Do in Toronto

The largest city in Canada by population, it is also known as the ‘New York of Canada’ due to its busy amalgamation of cultures. The sprawling city offers the 22.1 million tourists so many fun activities to engage themselves in. 

The tourist numbers prove the city’s appeal, from offering up the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario to spanning over 243 miles. Toronto is live with energy and enthusiasm of the locals who enjoy the outdoor panoramas and adventures the city serves.

Amritsar to Toronto flights is available with best airfare deals. You can also book last minute flights and find cheap tickets to Toronto on our website. If you’re planning a visit to Toronto as well, read on to know what you should be doing in Toronto.

1) Walk on the edge.

Of course, this takes the cake by far for all adventure seekers. CN Tower is not only the tallest building in Toronto, standing at 553 meters, but also the tallest free standing building on the continent.

If you’re someone who takes ‘live life on the edge’ seriously, this is just the activity for you. Suspended by ropes over 116 storeys above the ground, you and 5 others will be taken on a 30 minute walk tour where you’ll be walking hands- free on the outside perimeter of the building. 

The CN Tower swanks the highest glass floor paneled elevator in the world, which lifts passengers to 346 meters to its striking glass floored viewing deck. We would suggest not looking down if you’re afraid of heights.

The places offers stunning vistas you need to see once in your lifetime. If you want to higher, the Skypod is more suited to you, with views at 447 meters high in the air. You can try the Skywalk when you want to hear your heart pounding hard in your ears and, if you want to see the city from high further, you need to experience the Window Seat Helicopter Tour.

2) Explore PATH for retail therapy.

When you aren’t thrilled enough above the ground, maybe going under the ground would do the trick. PATH is the world’s largest underground network of tunnels that serves as a shopping complex spanning around 30 km. 

With tunnels, walkways and shopping areas connecting across more than 70 buildings, you will literally find yourself in retail paradise (maybe not easy on your wallet though).

If you have been spending too much time in the city and want a break, simply take a ferry ride to Toronto Islands. A thing to keep in mind is that no cars are allowed there, so be prepared to stretch your legs out in the walk down numerous shops and boutiques.

3) Local cuisine is the best.

The hotpot of cultures ever present in Toronto is clearly visible in the cuisine the city serves up on a plate. Food basically is a big deal here and Toronto is a popular destination for foodies as well. With so many new restaurants constantly opening up, you’ll have no shortage of things to eat and drink in Toronto.

Try the Kings Crown Nachos at Sneaky Dees for a massive, shareable platter  of crispy corn tortillas topped with ground beef, frijoles, salsa roja, tomatoes, mixed peppers, onions, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole, AND melted cheese.

 Looking for something unique? Go for the Baja Fish Tacos at Seven Lives, and there is absolutely nothing taco- related that can come close to the experience. Also, if you have come all the way to Canada and not even tried Poutine, your trip would be wasted entirely.

Go check out what Poutini’s House of Poutine is serving up and the gravy and cheese loaded fries will blow your mind away. You won’t want to leave the place after this. This tiny take- out spot draws huge crowds’ everyday and the fries are hand- cut daily. They are twice fried before being overloaded with rich home- made curds and gravy, brought in fresh from Maple Dale Farms.

When the cravings for crispy, salty Doritos hit you, don’t forget to buy a Smash Bag from Junked Food Co because they will fill the bag of Doritos with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar, olives, jalapeño, sour cream, and chili sauce. You can also get it topped with pulled pork, poutine, chicken, or cheddar Mac and cheese. You won’t feel guilty breaking your diet again (not much anyway).

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