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7 Exquisite Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from an Indian Adventure

Souvenirs are a great way to remember your vacation or to get something special for yourself or your loved ones. These items allow you to revisit and celebrate the joyful moments you’ve had while traveling. Though it might seem simple, we understand that choosing souvenirs can be difficult. As a result, you might end up overanalyzing and buying something very different from the idea in your head. Furthermore, in a country as diverse as India, shopping is never simple. Therefore, to help you choose the perfect gift, we have put together a list of 7 exquisite souvenirs to bring back home from an Indian adventure. Additionally, visit Airfarebooking to book air tickets from Canada to India.

1. Pashmina, Kashmir

Pashmina, Kashmir

Pashmina is one of the best exquisite souvenirs and the most popular gifts from India, even though it is pricey. In local parlance, Pashmina is referred to as “Soft Cold” and is prepared in the Kashmir region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The fine handspun fibre used to make the pieces comes from the wool of three distinct breeds of Pashmina goats. Pashmina, sometimes called cashmere, softens with use. The Pashmina Shawl is the perfect gift from India; these exquisite wraps can be the ideal way to let a loved one know you are there for them no matter what.

2. Himachali Caps, Himachal Pradesh

Himachali Caps, Himachal Pradesh

This is all you need to remember India is a culturally diverse nation when you return home. The state’s emblem is represented by the vibrant bands on the front fold of the cap, a typical Himachal outfit. This woollen cap does not protect ears, but it does a good job of keeping out the cold. A Himachali person would tell you that wearing this cap is never too hot and that pretty much sums it up. Giving this headwear as a gift to a family member would be equivalent to imparting to them an important part of Indian culture.

3. Aipan Folders and File, Uttarakhand

Aipan Folders and File, Uttarakhand

If you have ever traveled to Uttarakhand, you are aware of the great attachment that the state’s residents have to its ancient Aipan art. Aipan, which is traditionally performed on one’s doorstep or in the courtyard on Diwali, is still a significant aspect of Uttarakhand’s celebrations. Furthermore, this artwork can be found outside of Soop in places of worship, places of nuptials, and rituals for newborns. The people of Uttarakhand have begun to construct Aipan on canvas and other materials, such as files and folders, to promote this ancient art. A file folder painted by Aipan can make a wonderful exquisite souvenirs to bring back home.

4. Phulkari Work Garment or Bolster, Punjab

Phulkari Work Garment or Bolster, Punjab

Punjab has an illustrious cultural past, and Phulkari embroidery is one aspect of that rich tradition. This needlework technique, which translates to “Flower Work,” has lived up to the memory of Punjab and Pakistan. Phulkari is a constant reminder of their shared humanity and was a regular sight among the female populations of both countries before their independence. Introduced, most likely, by the Jat community, Phulkari was significant to women’s life events. People believe that they passed down patterns and techniques verbally from one generation to the next. They call a fully embroidered textile Bagh, while they term a partially or sporadically stitched cloth Adha Bagh. A garment would be the ideal Phukari present, but you can also find similar-looking bolsters, pillowcases, and even bedsheets. When giving a Phulkari piece, don’t forget to explain that it’s one of the things that binds India and Pakistan together. In addition, you can visit Airfarebooking to book direct flights from Vancouver to Amritsar.

5. Blue Pottery, Rajasthan

Blue Pottery, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is home to the well-known Blue Pottery art form. Artists create this art using a mixture of powdered glass, fuller’s earth, and quartz stone powder; the blue hue comes from cobalt oxide, and the green from copper oxide, distinguishing it from traditional pottery. No matter how large or tiny, every piece of blue pottery is an artistic creation that enhances the overall style of your house. Among the decorative items for sale are pieces of surahis, pots, cylindrical jars, tiles, flower pots, lamp stands, beads, earrings, soap dishes, jugs, mugs, and door knobs.

6. Brass Ware, Uttar Pradesh

Brass Ware, Uttar Pradesh

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, produces brassware, allowing you to bring it home and use it to enhance your interior design. Known as the “Brass City,” Moradabad is the world’s leading exporter of decorative goods and brass kitchenware to the Middle East, Britain, Canada, the USA, and Germany. Large retail chains such as Walmart also favor sourcing their brassware inventory from Moradabad. Therefore, as a traveler, you shouldn’t pass up this unique gift suggestion. You can select the ideal gift to bring home for your family based on your preferences and financial constraints. The brassware will serve as a record of a trustworthy craft that has aided in the development of a city as a world leader.

7. Chikan Work Bed Sheet and Table Cloth, Uttar Pradesh

Chikan Work Bed Sheet and Table Cloth, Uttar Pradesh

Nur Jahan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jehangir, is credited with introducing Chikan art, which flourished in India during the 16th and 17th centuries.¬† The capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, developed into a thriving hub for this art form, which has endured to this day. The process of chikan work involves embroidering pastel-colored clothing primarily with white thread. The work’s most well-known product is the kurta, but with the market expanding, Chikankari tablecloths and bed linens are now available. It has the taste and scent of royalty, making it one of the best handicrafts you can buy in India. Give this piece of art to someone who has great taste in exquisite furniture.

Therefore, infuse your most priceless memories with the grandeur of India with these exquisite souvenirs. And don’t forget to visit Airfarebooking to book cheap flight tickets to Mumbai from Canada for your Indian adventure.

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