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FAQs About Traveling From Canada to India for the First Time

Concerned about traveling to India for the first time? All of the FAQs about traveling from Canada to India for the first time. Read the entire article because it provides all the information you require before planning a trip to India. You will undoubtedly benefit from them and be able to travel to India without hassles. Additionally, if you are looking to book cheap last minute flights from Canada to India, make sure you check out Airfarebooking, the best online travel website.

Q. Are Canadian tourists inclined to travel to India?

India is a very popular tourist destination, and each year it sees an increase in the number of visitors. The Indian Government reported that foreign tourists, including those from Canada, who arrived on E-tourist visas increased by 68.8%.

Q. How long am I permitted to stay in India on an E-Visa?

The validity of a tourist visa can be one month, one year, or five years. When arriving at the airport, visitors can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization online and have it stamped. Each visit allows visitors from Canada, the US, the UK, and Japan a maximum stay of 180 days.

Q. What kind of clothing should Canadians bring with them to India?

If you want to visit India between March and June, pack enough cotton clothing such as shorts, jeans, or loose-fitting slacks in addition to t-shirts and shirts. In most of the country, women can wear jeans and shirts with skirts and dresses, with the exception of religious sites where you are supposed to cover your head, shoulders, and legs. When visiting these locations, wear long skirts or pants along with tops. If you are traveling between December and March, pack pullovers, jackets, boots, and hats.

Q. Which season is ideal for Canadians to travel to India?

India is best visited in the winter, from October to March. It gets nicer throughout this time of year, with the exception of peak winter, which starts after Christmas.

Q. What are the top 5 destinations in India that all Canadians must see?

The top five destinations in India for a Canadian tourist would be Varanasi, The Taj Mahal in Agra, Rishikesh for a yoga retreat, Udaipur for lavish Indian hospitality, Kerala for the scenic backwaters, and Munnar Tea Gardens. Additionally, you can visit Airfarebooking to book affordable business class tickets from Canada to India.

Q. Is the water in India safe to drink?

In India, filtered water is typically used at home for drinking purposes rather than tap water, which is not thought to be a good alternative. Therefore, wherever you are in India—at your hotel, at a tourist palace, or even at neighborhood restaurants—always drink bottled water.

Q. Are hotels in India pricey for Canadians?

India is one of the more affordable tourist destinations; a comfortable stay costs $50 a night, while a premium stay costs $500 or more.

Q. How safe is India for a woman traveling by herself?

India is safe for women, just like any other country, however, if you’re in a remote area, avoid the night. Also, save the emergency phone numbers for India to your speed dial.

Q. Are Canadians’ credit cards accepted in India?

Credit cards are accepted at hotels, stores, and restaurants, but having some cash on hand will come in handy if you’re traveling to a rural or distant place where people still prefer to pay with cash.

Q. How dangerous is it for a Canadian to seek the locals for help?

Indians are incredibly friendly and helpful; they will do all in their power to assist you. However, you should never interact with crooks or scammers who pressure you into making a purchase.

Q. Is it easy to find English-speaking tour guides in India?

Yes, finding a guide in India who speaks English is fairly easy. Almost all tourist attractions have multilingual consultants on staff, with English being the most widely used language.

Q. Do Canadians require travel and medical insurance when visiting India?

Yes, before visiting India, you must have travel and health insurance.

Q. Are there any special vaccinations that Canadians must have before visiting India?

There are no specific immunizations needed for Canadians to visit India.

Q. Which medications should you bring with you to India?

Bring medication for diarrhea and antimalarials before visiting India.

Q. Is India a suitable family vacation spot for Canadians?

India is the ideal location for a family vacation, with possibilities like camel safaris in Rajasthan, adventures in National Parks, houseboat rides through Kerala’s backwaters, and light displays in historic buildings.

Q. Who should I contact in an emergency in India?

If there is a crisis, dial 112, India’s national emergency hotline number. Additional emergency numbers are POLICE-100, FIRE-101, and AMBULANCE-102. You can reach our customer service office at +91 11 41050560, which is open 24/7, for any emergency.

Q. Can English be understood by Indians?

Yes, the bulk of Indians living in cities speak English fluently and often. However, people in isolated areas could only be familiar with a few basic English words. To make your vacation easier, review your Hindi before traveling to India.

Q. What Hindi words do I need to know to survive?

Visitors from Canada should familiarize themselves with the following terms before traveling to India:

  • Hello – Namaste
  • Yes – Han
  • No – Nahi
  • I am fine – Achha/ Achhi hun
  • How are you? – Kaise ho
  • How much are you going to charge? – Kitne paise
  • Okay/ Alright – Theek hai
  • Help – Madat
  • It is good – Acha hai
  • It is not good – Acha Nahi hai
  • Water – Pani

Q. Is it easy to eat non-vegetarian food in India?

Yes, there are many non-vegetarian options in India. Meals made of chicken, lamb, and mutton are commonly accessible all over the country, with the exception of Gujarat. Beef is banned in India due to Hindu religious views, but you are welcome to gorge on any other non-vegetarian meals, including seafood.

Q. Is traveling in India on a small budget possible?

Yes, it is plausible given that India is one of the most economically favorable countries. Even on a tight budget, you can find a great location to stay because prices range from $35 per day to $150 or more, depending on how much you decide to spend on your trip.

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