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Luxury Indian Cruise

Relaxing waters, top- notch hospitality, delish cuisine and unlimited entertainment options along the 4670 miles of Indian coastline. A cruise trip promises you that and so much more onboard. Taking you to explore exotic locations within and outside India, cruises are a popular tourist favorite to discover culture, wildlife, cuisine, entertainment and services in luxury.

The 10 best luxury cruises in India are:

  1. The Sundarbans Luxury Cruise
  2. Kerala Backwater Cruise
  3. River Ganges Heritage Cruise
  4. Brahmaputra River Cruise
  5. Lakshadweep Island Cruise
  6. Angriya Cruise
  7. Costa Victoria Cruise
  8. Nefertiti Cruise
  9. Alaknanda Nordic Cruise Line
  10. Andaman Islands Cruise

What Lies Ahead

Affordable Deals
Think cruise costs break a bank? Not with Airfarebooking. We provide a range of cruise deals and offers to make it inexpensive for travelers of every budget.

Onboard Facilities
Choose from world-class restaurants with renowned chefs, spa & sauna, bar & lounge, and even a shopping mall. There’s no shortage of options.

Limitless Entertainment
Experience culture firsthand with live classical dance and music theatre, religious pujas, adventure activities and picturesque views, among so much more.

Luxe Tourism
Rediscover popular tourist locations in ultimate splendor and luxury as you enjoy a glass of champagne in the pleasant ambiance. Explore India and abroad now.

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