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Privacy Policy

At Airfarebooking, we focus on delivering efficient services for the safety of customer’s information. Airfarebooking is strictly committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of the User’s personal and confidential information. We maintain strong electronic and physical procedures to safeguard the data provided to and stored with us.

The policy provided here is applicable for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information acquired by Airfarebooking.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information created by the User is used only when it is highly necessary. The data can be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Identification of fraud.
  • Internal administration and accounting.
  • Conduction of surveys and regulating reports.
  • Providing the customers with updates, promotions, and letting you know about the offers that we think might interest you.

One must also note the following:

  • The information collected from the Users is always upon registration. In case the data is obtained from outside parties, it is upon prior consent.
  • The information provided is not disclosed under any circumstances unless approved or required by law.
  • Airfarebooking allows Users to check and recheck, edit and re- edit the information once provided upon written application with compliance with the law.

Online Collection of Non-Identifiable Information

The non- identifiable information is collected from the users through electronic media. One of the common modes used for it is:


This is used to manage the data linked with the User visiting Airfarebooking quite often. Cookies are used to gather the information of visitors on the website.

The browser accepts cookies automatically. Users can make the relevant changes to stop accepting cookies and prevent it from prompting them for the same. However, it might restrain the Users from using certain features of the website.

Third Party Advertisers

Airfarebooking issues no personal information to Third Party Advertisers without User’s permission. The Third Party Advertisers might use information about visiting any kind of website and provide information of the same kind as per Users’ interest.

Type of Personal Information Collected

The information collected from User’s end includes their name, telephone number, email address, and their financial details to carry out smooth transactions.

Using Airfarebooking Website

The website can be visited without sharing any personal information and without disclosing your personality. The data is collected upon visiting the site, but that is not based individually.

The reason behind collecting such information is to analyze visitors’ interests, their likes and dislikes, and also to catch their attention. Additionally, the information collected is used to monitor the duration for which the User stays on any particular page, the type of searches made by the User, and the Internet Protocol Address used by the User to access information.

The information thus collected is generally used to improve the quality of the webpage and, to make it user-friendly and easily accessible.

The information created by the Users on Airfarebooking is secure and can be used for future references. The information about the Users can be taken from other links and added to the allotted categories. Such information is used for e-ticketing, setting the itinerary, and more. The information collected is used to improve customers’ experience with Airfarebooking.

Advertising Factors

We provide our visitors with a choice to receive advertisements and any other information via emails. And if permission is granted, we ensure that it is informative, useful, and of their interest.

The email address obtained is used for delivering:

  • Latest offers and deals related to airline ticket booking, including promotions and other travel opportunities.
  • Monthly newsletters providing information regarding recommendations, contests on the site, and sponsored travel service providers.

The cookies and pixel tags used in these email messages are to monitor your interests. And for the registered members, you can alter your choices and unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided in the mail. However, it will prevent you from accessing to any promotions and similar data.

Online Contests and Surveys

The opinions and comments of the visitors are closely monitored, and your feedback is tracked to provide you with better services. We invite Users to participate in occasional surveys and contests.

We might also endorse some offers related to travel ticket bookings by sponsoring such contests. However, it depends entirely upon you to participate in them.

Payment Information and Travel History

Registering yourself with Airfarebooking makes you eligible for the purchase of our products and services.

For making positive bookings, we require your personal information like card number(s), billing address, and expiration date. This is kept as history for future transactions and the purchase of services.

You may choose to edit your profile following specified procedures.

Travel Alerts and Itinerary Changes

After the booking of flight tickets through our site, you can avail of the services of last-minute updates regarding reservations and more. These include:

  • If there are changes in the gate number or delay of the flight booked.
  • The details in an email or text alerts to keep you updated.

If you want to get the alerts to other email addresses, Airfarebooking takes the personal information of the other person for efficient communication.

It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that the person with whom the information is shared is either one of the family members or close relations.

Disclosing Information to the Third-party

The information shared can be presented to the regulatory bodies and officials for protection against frauds. It depends upon your consent.

Airfarebooking acts as a mediator in flight bookings and is liable to present your information to the companies involved in the entire procedure. To provide you with the best services, the companies may have access to your information under legal bonds of protection. They are not, in any way, permitted to use the information for other purposes.

Only the necessary information is used for fulfilling the orders, and the partner companies agree to not disclose the information for any other purpose(s).

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, Airfarebooking does not disclose personal information except in the following circumstances:

  • To ensure business protection online.
  • As a response to legal process.
  • To comply with government security regulations.

In case of a change in association, sale, reorganization, or acquisition of the corporation, personal information may be transferred as a part of negotiations.

Change or Remove Personal Information

You have full control over your personal information and can change it anytime. For registered travelers, all changes of the data are possible, including the password.

You can also ask for the change in information through a written request in a legible manner that can be easily assessed.

The personal information should be kept updated and accurate in all fields. The information is not updated or changed by us before prior intimation.

Children and Minors

A person should be of age 18 years and above to avail our services in any way.

Third Party Linking

Airfarebooking takes responsibility for the information on the website only. The links on the webpage can direct you to other pages, and we hold no responsibility for them. Users are requested to check the authenticity of the webpage through links before providing your information.

Airfarebooking holds no responsibility in case of misuse of your personal information, if provided to these linked pages.

Contact Us

You can reach us here for information linked to privacy policy and travel related concerns. You can also contact us for lodging complaints and sharing grievances. Our highly dedicated customer support team will contact you after analyzing your raised concern within 24 hours.

Changes in Privacy Policy

You might find regular amendments in the privacy policy of Airfarebooking.

We reserve the right to upgrade, review, and revise our policies as per our need. Any amendments made in this regard will be reflected on the website. Users are required to keep themselves updated on all of our policies before using our services.

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