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Planning a vacation? A lot of thought goes into selecting a holiday destination. The location must fulfill several criteria, such as personal preferences, priorities, etc.

AirfareBooking has handpicked the best travel deals from around the world. Moreover, our travel experts curate specialized offers to cater to all of your tourism needs. Also, our travel helpline provides flight tickets at the lowest airfare to the most memorable travel itineraries, all year round.

It doesn’t matter if you seek a romantic getaway, family vacation, business trip, or solo travel. We have the best deals for you.

For instance, India demonstrates tremendous value as a tourist destination. For starters, it is one of the earliest civilizations. Therefore, it has a rich culture and an even prosperous legacy. Chennai, for example, houses almost 2500 heritage buildings.

India celebrates hundreds of festivals and events annually. No matter what time of the year it is, India is always in the midst of festivities. Being the birthplace of 4 major world religions, most of the occasions have religious significance. One such event is the Kumbh Mela. What makes it unique is that it the largest human gathering on earth.

Next, India is amongst the most diverse nations in the world. Every state has a vast difference in lifestyle. From lip-smacking cuisine to bazaars full of indigenous art, craft, and objects, India has it all.

Geographically it is equally blessed. All sorts of terrain make it the best-suited for travelers of all shapes and sizes. Trekking, rafting, hiking, and other adventure activities can be found throughout the country.

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India’s topography ranges from the rugged beauty of the Himalayas to the captivating coasts of Kanyakumari, and everything in between.

Also, India is as well-connected to different states within the country, as it is to the rest of the world. Domestic travel is as convenient as it gets. Apart from flights, it has one of the largest networks of roads and rail. It has the highest motorable road and the best luxury train in the world.

Lastly, India has endless attractions that AirfareBooking can help you discover. Be it wildlife sanctuaries, botanical parks, or pretty much anything you can think. Book flights to India from Canada or anywhere else and witness the incredible country.

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