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Terms And Conditions

Please go through the below-mentioned terms and conditions before making any transaction or canceling any bookings. Any booking made before accepting the terms and conditions of the Airfarebooking is made at your own risk.

The terms ‘us’, ‘we,’ ‘our,’ or ‘company’ are used in the content below, is on behalf of Airfarebooking and its business partners. Whereas, ‘you,’ ‘client,’ or ‘customer’ is the person whose name and on whose behalf the bookings are made and processed.


All the prices of the travel plans largely vary as per the availability and can be withdrawn, and declared invalid without any prior notice. The change in the prices for airline tickets might happen outside our matter of concern. Airfarebooking reserves all the rights for the recovery of applicable surcharges with respect to foreign currency fluctuations, fuel costs, the interest rate on loans, and more.

The items mentioned below are not included as a part of the cost:

  • Immigration Fees
  • Departure taxes by a foreign government
  • Inspection Fees
  • Custom Fees
  • Extra Baggage Charges
  • Airport parking, and the like

Mode of Payment

The payments are accepted through

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Discover

Cancellation and Change Policies

The cancellation of your ticket depends on the policies that might vary for every kind of booking. The customer needs to review the cancellation policy before the actual booking via email.

You can call us at our 24*7 helpline number for further inquiry in case of any doubt. The rescheduling of the flight time and routes are not under the control of Airfarebooking. On the occasion of flight delays that are not in our control, change in bookings or cancellation of the same can be made.

Such rights are reserved at the time of emergencies. Otherwise, all the efforts are made to ensure the utmost comfort and convenience of the passengers.

Change after purchase

The change in the booking once the purchase is made falls under the airline’s cancellation and change policies. The timings of the flights are likely to change as per the availability of seats.

In the event of cancellation, the bill of the agent and the cost incurred by the administration will be deducted at the time of refund payment, that too, as signed in the agreement.

The terms and conditions that make up the agreement between the customer and Airfarebooking are to be closely met at the time of booking. Both parties shall agree with the terms for their smooth implementation. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions is the pre-requisite for availing of our services.

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