Everything You Need to Know About Canadian Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is undoubtedly very widespread in Canada, where roughly one in twenty citizens possess several passports, yet it may not be as well recognized as it ought to be.

This is the case since the Canadian government does not provide a certificate or otherwise recognize dual citizenship. In many situations, foreign persons who become citizens of Canada can preserve their citizenship in their original nation. Additionally, browse through Airfarebooking to book international flight tickets from Canada to India.

What is Dual Citizenship?  

What is Dual Citizenship

When you are recognized as a citizen of two or more nations, you have dual citizenship. Canadian citizens are free to acquire foreign citizenship while maintaining their Canadian citizenship. However, not all nations, unlike Canada, recognize dual citizenship in a legal sense. Consult your country’s embassy or consulate if you aren’t sure about the regulations regarding dual citizenship in your place of origin. Some nations restrict dual citizenship (you lose your original citizenship when you accept another), while others only permit it up until a particular age (often 21), after which you must make a decision. Some countries allow dual citizenship in certain situations.

What if a Person is a Dual Citizen? Do they Still need a Canadian Passport?

No matter if it’s your final destination or just a stopover, all dual citizens of Canada must enter the country with their Canadian passports in hand.

To board a flight to Canada, you must have a current Canadian passport (or a Canadian temporary passport, or a Canadian emergency travel document). The only exception is American Canadians, who can enter Canada with only their American passport. Thus, you can easily book international flights from Canada to India.

Why the Canadian-American citizens are the Exception to the Rule?

The only exceptions are citizens of Canada and the US. If you have a current US passport, you can enter Canada without a Canadian passport, visa, or Electronic Travel Authorization. However, you must still fulfill the prerequisites for entry into Canada, such as being in good health, having enough money for travel, and not having any criminal convictions. Additionally, you must have proper identification on you, such as a current driver’s license from a Canadian province or territory.

Should the Passenger be Worried About Carrying Two Passports?

The carrying of two passports is secure and permitted. It’s not necessary to disclose your ethnicity to both Canadian and Italian cashiers. Just be sure you display the correct passport.

If you mistakenly pull out the wrong one, it can take some discussion and misunderstanding before they realize you have two passports

Think of it this way: Display the passport that makes the most sense, the one that allows you to enter the “fast lane,” waives the need for a visa, and verifies your nationality.

Be truthful and keep in mind that even if you have two passports, you are still the same person. You share the same name and birthday.

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 How Can a Person Get Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship can result from either a legal process or a birthright.

If a person migrated after being born in one nation and then acquired citizenship in the new country while maintaining their citizenship in the first, they can become dual citizens. You can also be married and get two nationalities.

Some nations will also grant you citizenship if you were born there, regardless of your parents, or if your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents were citizens of that nation.

Some nations permit dual citizenship if it is a birthright rather than an acquisition.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

  • Political Rights: Dual citizens are eligible to participate in all political activities in the countries where they have dual citizenship. This includes the right to vote, to run for office, and to contribute to political campaigns.
  • Work and Travel: Dual citizens can visit the countries in which they have citizenship for as long as they choose without needing a visa or other authorization, in contrast to foreigners. They also have the freedom to work in either country, whereas getting a work permit takes a long time for foreigners.
  • Social Services: Depending on the nation they are a citizen of, dual citizens may be eligible for different benefits and privileges. For instance, individuals might travel for medical care or procedures that are not offered in the country where they are citizens.
  • Property Ownership: Being able to own property in both countries is another advantage of dual citizenship. As a dual citizen, you would be qualified to buy property in either—or both—of the two nations.

Disadvantages of Dual Citizenship

  • Be aware that if you have dual citizenship and travel to another country, you may be legally compelled to abide by its rules and regulations, including those pertaining to taxes, military duty, and educational expenses.
  • We advise confirming in writing whether you have obligations to your other country of citizenship before visiting the embassy or consulate of that nation here in Canada before your trip.
  • It can also prevent you from pursuing sensitive employment with the government.
  • The other country might not be able to intervene as much if you are having problems in your country of citizenship.

Key Takeaways

  • Dual citizens can benefit from having the flexibility to own property in both countries, live and work in different ones, and travel between them with ease.
  • Dual citizenship is not always recognized, and you might have to give up your native citizenship in order to get citizenship in another nation.
  • Being a dual citizen has its drawbacks, such as the possibility of double taxation, the time-consuming and expensive process required to gain dual citizenship, and the fact that you are now subject to the laws of two other countries.
  • Even while many immigrants can become naturalized citizens when they move to a new nation or marry a foreign spouse, birth is the most straightforward way to acquire dual citizenship.
  • Applying for dual citizenship is a complicated and usually expensive process, so one might need an immigration lawyer.

Therefore, this is everything that you need to know about Canadian Dual Citizenship. Additionally, if you are on the lookout for cheap flight tickets from Canada to India, then you can visit Tripbeam and grab affordable flight deals.

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