Top Attractions to Visit in NYC

So you’re new in New York City and want to visit what it has to offer? Or you’re planning to go there for work or pleasure, and are interested in checking out the city’s best charms.

We have compiled a list of touristy and iconic sites to visit for you.

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1) Yankee Stadium 

It opened in 2009, and has a limestone exterior and a gate- like frieze around the top.

Some elements of the arena mimic the old, but noticeable new improvements are cup holders at every seat and a high-definition scoreboard.

2) American Museum of Natural History

Take in the grizzly bear in the Hall of North American Mammals, the 94-feet long blue whale and the prehistoric Barosaurus skeleton rearing up as if to scare the adjacent Allosaurus skeleton.

It is an expertly curated 148 year old museum, which satisfies the curiosity of every one of all ages.

3) Union Square

It is named because it’s the unification of2 of Manhattan’s busiest main roads- Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

It has a history of political activism and has hosted rallies, protests and assemblies from the Civil War through Occupy Wall Street.

4) Flatiron Building

This 21-story Beaux Arts edifice was built in 1902; this triangle shaped monolith had been the topic of criticism.

People said that the building wouldn’t withstand the fast winds blowing in the 23rd Street. But, it is possibly the least tourist friendly place New York landmarks.

5) The Cloisters

This was built in the 30s, set in a rustic park overlooking the Hudson River.

Its architectural structure re-creates details from five 15th-century monasteries and houses items from the Met’s medieval art and architecture collections.

6) Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The museum schools everyone in the glorious history of American Aviation.

It has an unparalleled collection of fighter jets, a Blackbird spy plane, a Concorde, the nuclear submarine USS Growler, a prototype space shuttle and a capsule that returned one of the first astro- tourists to earth.

7) Lincoln Center

It is one of the world’s largest campuses for performing and visual arts. As of today, the center houses 30 world-class venues- including the Metropolitan Opera House, the David H.

Koch Theater and the Julliard School, as well as 11 resident organizations that collectively host thousands of events every year.

8) South Street Seaport

Hurricane Sandy temporarily put it out of order in 2012 but it was recently renovated by Howard Hughes Corporation.

This iconic port includes a pop-up-friendly Culture District and a fancy dine-in movie theater iPic.

9) Museum of Modern Art

You can easily spend a day getting lost in these permanent exhibits with works from famous artists like Picasso and Rodin.

It also includes an attached cinema, a sculpture garden and a high end restaurant and bar. 

10) Queens Museum

It has one of Gotham’s most amazing sights: The Panorama of the City of New York, a 9,335-square-foot scale model of the five boroughs, created for the 1964 exposition and featuring Lilliputian models of landmarks.

It doubled in size after reopening in 2013, and has public events spaces, eight new artists’ studios and a glass façade featuring Grand Central Parkway.

11) St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This stunning architectural structure features intricate marble towers, a cavernous ribbed vault, pointed arches and buttresses.

After a $175 million renovation project completed in 2015, the interiors were done in a shimmering bronze and polished look, becoming the delight of many tourists who came to visit this active house of worship that represents more than 200 saints with many altars throughout the church.

12) MoMA PS1

It has a constantly evolving lineup of avant-garde artwork and new programs.

Apart from the world famous artists showcasing their work here, the venue also plays curator to one the city’s most popular music events that pairs innovative installations with live music from new and upcoming acts to broaden the visitor’s horizons on what art can be considered as.

13) Chinatown

Feel like you’ve a different continent when you enter this place, because Mott and Grand Streets have shops lined at the sides, selling exotic delicacies like live eels, square watermelons and hairy rambutans.

You will also find amazing gift shops and jewelry stores in Canal Street.


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