Things You Should Do in Europe At Least Once in your Lifetime

With a continent as vast as Europe, you can be sure you’ll never run out of things to do. From enjoying surfing in San Sebastian and going for a water taxi ride in Venice to skiing slopes of Italian Dolomites and going island hopping in Greece- there are too many experiences to be had while you’re there.

So much that you’ll feel that a whole lifetime isn’t enough. So if you’re looking to book inexpensive airline tickets, find international flight deals and last minute airline deals by booking with us. While we’re staying home for the time being, we can’t help but dream about the experiences that made us fall in love with Europe.

Here are some of the things that made us miss Europe, go ahead and find them out.

1) Enjoy pintxos and surf in San Sebastian

San Sebastian has been dubbed as one of the greatest food cities on Earth because of it clever way of doing pintxos, or local tapas. You can go ahead, grab and eat what you want.

Head to a nearby pintxos bar, grab a beer and snacks as large as a watermelon- made with fresh seafood, cheese and vegetables.

You can surround yourself with the beaches while you enjoy the delicious food and wind down.

2) Splurge on a water taxi in Venice

Venice is an expensive city and taking a water taxi is equivalent to taking a car to get around the city. It is also on the pricier side compared to the public water buses available there.

But there is absolutely no better way to spend a half hour of your time than gazing at Venice’s beautifully grand architecture.

An added plus is that the city’s iconic hotels, like Cipriani, will have a private dock and send their own private transport for you.

3) Bike along Amsterdam’s canals

Amsterdam is a city on two wheels- most of its residents get around by cycling around the city.

Glance at the city’s 17th century canal houses and waterways while you re renting out a bicycle and ride along renowned canals like Prinsengracht.

You can also go for a ride through Vondelpark which is especially delightful in the spring and fall.

Don’t forget to use your hands as turn signals while you’re on the road, and don’t stop between the bike lanes. If you forget, the locals will immediately remind you of the rules.

4) Soak in a thermal bath in Budapest

Budapest’s spectacular architectural charms surround an intricate network of saunas, steam rooms, and naturally warm pools whose mineral-infused water springs directly from the ground.

Although there are many thermal baths dotting the city, the most notable among them are world-famous Gellert, and the 16th century Király and Rudas Baths built by the Turks.

5) See the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Make sure you have your camera ready as you go see the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland, because no one warns you that you can only see the swirling colors through your photographs and what’s more- your phones will switch off in the cold.

You can experience getting pulled around in a sleigh by reindeers as you’re trying to look for the Northern Lights.

And no matter whether you’re lucky enough to spot them or not, warm yourself up in the world’s only sauna-gondola at Yllästo ski resort later.

6) Listen to fado music in Lisbon

Lisbon’s answer to blues is Fado, discernible by the locals’ voices drenched in heartache and the tunes of a Portuguese 12- string guitar.

It originated in the streets of Alfama neighborhood in the 19th century, after being influenced by Moorish songs.

Each ballad is excellent at evoking the Portuguese emotion of saudade- a longing for something or someone lost.

You can choose to opt for 2 types of fado clubs- the professional adega típicas and amateur tascas.
The adega típicas almost always require a reservation and is usually a full on dinner and a musical showcasing some of the most famous Portugal performers.

If you’re going for the tascas, you’ll be sure to be surprised at an open- mic night and you can never be sure of who’s going to perform, making it a much more exciting night.

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