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Legend of Charai Taba in Andro, Manipur

Go ahead. Discover this undiscovered craft in India. Manipur has always been an undiscovered tourist gem in India. There has been no shortage of unique tourist spots or foods to try when you’re there. Trust us, we know. However, there is one place that represents the ancient creativity and tasteful cultural heritage of Manipuri tribes […]

Top 10 Street Shopping Places in India

With the recent rise of travel after the long pandemic lockdown, the various street markets are also resuming their work to cater to all types of travelers. Especially for those who love traveling to collect knick-knacks, souvenirs, and cultural specialties on a budget- street shopping is practically a boon. You can get competitive prices for […]

8 Must Experience Water Sports in Goa

Goa is well known for its mesmerizing beaches and a large number of water sports. The opportunities offered by Goa to its travellers are endless. One can easily explore the waters in multiple ways without worrying about the busy day to day schedule. Spending a week in Goa will surely be a relaxing experience for […]

9 Reasons to Choose India as a Holiday Destination

Planning an international vacation and confused with the destination? Here is what we have for you.Choosing India as your next tourist destination will not disappoint you in any way. Whether you are an adventure lover or the one who is looking for peace, destination at this diverse subcontinent are sure to surprise you at every […]

6 Tips to Prepare for a Long-Haul Flight

If you are not a frequent traveler, a long haul flight can be a really stressful experience for you. The long hours, stretchy seats, the airlines you are traveling, the food, and the entertainment, everything counts when it comes to air travel comfort. One must check every aspect of air travel before booking flight tickets from […]

9 Tips for a Successful Solo Female Travel to India

Traveling solo comes with many adventures and uncountable and interesting experiences, especially when you are in India. Obviously, the major concern for the female traveling to India independently will be regarding their safety. Solo trip to India is something beyond just a journey; it is a life experience. When you book flights from Canada to India, […]

Tips one Must Know Before Traveling to India from Canada

When you are traveling to an international destination, it is likely that you feel nervous. And this nervousness is not because it is your first air travel experience; it is mainly because you are not well acquainted with the place you are about to visit. People at new destinations follow different cultures, and you might […]

Travel Safety Manual: Stay Safe While on the Go

Traveling is perhaps the best-loved and most-popular hobby in the world. It is adventurous, educational, and a breath of fresh air. However, accidents are not confined to a single place as they can follow you no matter where you go. Since you are traveling to an unknown place and into a new environment, there may […]

The Complete Health Kit for Safe Travel

To make sure that your travel experience is favorable, safe and healthy you can exercise a lot of precautions. One of the many is carrying products and equipment that contribute to safe travel. If you are skeptical about traveling amidst the covid-19, then don’t worry. Here are some things that you can carry to ensure […]

Canadian Airlines are Relaxing Policies to Fight Covid-19

Coronavirus has affected many regions across the world. Such an uncertain turn of events brings along a change of plans for many travelers. Airports and airlines understand that some of your travel plans are unavoidable and essential. PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) says that Canadians are at a low risk of contracting the virus […]

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